Loyalist College Policy

Subject: Suspension of Operations and Closing of the College Number: ADMIN 105
Issued by: Senior Vice-President Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer Date Issued: 14 12 02
Supersedes: 14 01 29 Page: 1 of 4

Suspension of Operations and Closing of the College


With the exception of statutory or other designated holidays, Loyalist College is open throughout the year. In the event of adverse weather conditions or emergency situations (e.g., utility or major facilities equipment failure), every reasonable effort will be made to keep the College open to provide a refuge for students and employees, and in the case of major community disaster, for the community at large.

Authorization for suspension of normal operations or closing the College, a campus or satellite location may only be granted by the President or designate. In the event of adverse weather, these decisions will be made and communicated to the Executive Director of College Advancement and External Relations or designate by 6:30 am for daytime classes and by 3:00 pm for evening classes. Should a decision be made for the College to remain open; weather conditions will be monitored throughout the day. If conditions change that warrant a cancellation of classes for College closure after 6:30 am, these decisions will be made as quickly as possible and communicated. For all other emergency closures, these decisions will be made as quickly as possible to address health and safety concerns.

When a decision to close a College building has been made, occupancy or access to the closed building will be determined at the discretion of the Director, Facilities and IT Services or College Executive Team (CET).

Students who are scheduled for off-campus clinical or field placement assignment should report if they are able, unless notified by faculty supervisors. If unable to report, the student must notify the clinical or placement agency as soon as possible.

The following information will be referenced in determining the cancellation of classes or closing of the College:

  • Predicted adverse weather activity/advisory
  • Suspension of public transit
  • Road closure or condition information provided by the MTO
  • Prolonged interruption of utilities by utility providers


Upon the indication of adverse weather and/or road conditions or an extended utility failure, the following will apply:

Action  Responsibility 
1. Monitor the various weather service advisories to determine the forecast or contact with utility providers  Director, Facilities and Information Technology Services/designate 
2. Advise the Vice-President Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer of the weather forecast, and campus and regional conditions  Director, Facilities and Information Technology Services/designate 
3. Request Authority to close the College or cancel classes from the President/designate, or any two of the following:

a) Vice-President Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer

b) Senior Vice-President Academic

c) Executive Director, College Advancement & External Relations

d) Executive Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development

Director Facilities and Information Technology Services/designate, OR

Dean/Manager Continuing Education/designate, OR

Director of the satellite campus

4. If closing of the College or cancellation of classes is authorized, contact:

a) College security and switchboard

b) Cafeteria/Bookstore/Print Services/Cleaning Services

c) Contact the local radio stations and online news sources to advise them that “Loyalist College will be closed due X (e.g. weather) or “Due to X (e.g. weather), classes at Loyalist College are cancelled”

d) Post on the website and send a message via email to all students, faculty and staff; myLoyalist portal; and social media, i.e. Twitter and Facebook

Director, Facilities and Information Technology Services/designate 

Director, Facilities and Information Technology Services/designate

Executive Director College Advancement & External Relations/designate




Executive Director, College Advancement & External Relations/designate


If the decision to close is announced before the start of normal working hours, staff normally on duty at the affected locations do not have to report for duty unless they are advised by the College that their services are required.

Staff and students having responsibilities in work sites managed by other agencies and/or businesses should meet the responsibilities of the job, if possible, or notify the appropriate persons according to the policy of that agency.

If the decision is made to close one or more of the College campuses after classes have commenced, staff may be released by their immediate supervisor after the supervisor receives directions from the Person in Charge. In any case, the following staff will be released last:

  • All persons reporting directly to the President
  • All persons reporting directly to the Vice-Presidents or Executive Directors
  • All Facilities Services staff
  • Program Coordinators and Faculty in charge of programs at all locations
  • Others, as determined by (the Person in Charge)

Staff who, because of their residential location, would experience undue hardship in reaching their respective College location during adverse weather conditions must communicate with their immediate supervisor by telephone or email as soon as possible. The same applies to staff who would like to leave due to adverse weather conditions while their College location is still operating. Such staff may be excused on an individual basis, with approval by their supervisor.

In these circumstances, the employee and immediate supervisor will:

  • Discuss the requirement to make up time away from work
  • Discuss a number of options:
    • ability to work from home
    • ability to use overtime or time in lieu
    • ability to book a vacation day

The supervisor must be consulted before an option is chosen as he/she has the final approval on the option to be used. The option chosen will be reported to HR Services.

Please note that no change will be made to an employee’s status should they be on sick leave, vacation, leave, leave of absence, etc. in the event the College is closed for any of the reasons contained in this policy.