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Subject: Professional Development Opportunities – Full-Time Faculty ***Currently Under Review*** Number: AOP 214
Issued by: Vice-President Academic Date Issued: July 2004
Supersedes: ACAD 205 Page: 1 of 4

Code of Conduct: Academic Employees – AOP 201

Faculty Development & Evaluation Process – AOP 203

FIN 504 – Business Reimbursement Policy

Application for Funding

Professional Development for Academic Staff process 2016-17

Revision Date: August 2017

Professional Development Opportunities


Loyalist College encourages learning opportunities that contribute to the quality of teaching and learning. Every effort will be made to utilize professional development funds in a fair and equitable way, recognizing that professional development activities that support the college’s strategic plan will be given first priority.


Faculty members have the right to engage in professional development as outlined in the current collective agreement contract. Professional development activities during the academic year must be directly related to the assigned program area of the faculty making the request. Loyalist College will support faculty, when appropriate, with the time and/or financial support needed to participate in professional development activities.


Professional Development during a teaching period covered by the Standard Workload Form

Faculty will be granted permission to participate in professional development activities during the academic period, provided that there is minimal disruption to the learners and class schedule. If any adjustment to the schedule is required, the specifics need to be approved by the dean a minimum of three weeks prior to the proposed activity.

Professional Development during a non-teaching period

Faculty will be granted permission to participate in professional development activities during the non-teaching period, provided that the timing does not interfere with program activities that are deemed essential to the program development and/or renewal.

General Principles

1. The financial support for the professional development activity depends on the relationship of the activity to the faculty’s work and whether the faculty member is able to access the PD funds. If the amount exceeds the amount allotted to each faculty member, then the dean can authorize financial support from the program budget.

2. Faculty members must complete the travel request form and gain approval from the dean.

3. Where an Academic Professional Development Leave related to IP is approved, the College shall own the intellectual property rights in any work created and for which work the leave was granted.

Travel Policy

1. Costs associated with professional development activities will be governed by the College policy on travel.

2. Out-of-province/country requires the prior approval of the Vice-President, Academic for Canada, continental USA and Mexico. The President’s signature is required for all other out of country travel and the President’s office must receive documents and requests at least three weeks in advance of the anticipated travel date.

Loyalist College Professional Development Funding Process

Funding for professional development funding is available for full-time employees in the academic division.

Professional development applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, and will be reviewed by the Office of Teaching and Learning.
There are two categories that will be considered for funding:

1. Professional Development Activities

Applicants may receive up to $700 bi-annually.

Examples of Eligible Proposals:

  • Fees for workshops, conferences, seminars
  • Travel and accommodation costs to attend activities listed above

Examples of Ineligible Proposals:

  • Travel fees for distant locations when a similar resource is available locally
  • Materials and textbooks purchased that are considered personal property

2. Presenter Applications

Applicants may receive up to an additional $700 bi-annually.

Examples of Eligible Proposals:

  • Preference will be given for presentations that will be delivered at a national or international conference
  • The presentation literature will indicate the presenter is representing Loyalist College
  • The individual will present a synopsis of the presentation at an in-service professional development workshop

Examples of Ineligible Proposals:

  • Travel fees for distant locations when the conference or organization hosting the conference is not known within the sector
  • Cost of preparing or shipping materials

The Process for Applying for Professional Development or Presentation Funding

1. Applications for professional development funding activities should be submitted to the Office of Teaching and Learning, a minimum of 2-weeks prior to the event, with the approval of the appropriate dean.

2. This package will include:

a) the Professional Development or Presentation Application Form (attached)
b) a copy of the official published information on the professional development activity,
c) Approval to Travel and Out of Province/Country travel forms (FIN 504) (if applicable). This form can be found on the Staff Wiki under Schools and Departments/Financial Services/Forms and on the Staff Wiki Academic Division page under Academic Operating Forms. Please give sufficient time for this approval as the application package, including the Out of Province/Country travel form, must be approved by the President or Vice- President Academic.

3. All applicants will be notified by email of the funding decision. Your application for funding will be returned to you via your School Office Coordinator.

4. If the PD activity is not completed, the applicant must inform the Office of Teaching and Learning so that the central records will be accurate.

The Process for Making Funding Decisions

Decisions are based on the following criteria:

1. The application is completely filled out and is supported by the appropriate academic dean.

2. The professional development activity is aligned with their program area to:

  • Increase subject knowledge
  • Improve teaching and learning strategies, especially those specific to learning-centred practices
  • Foster collaborative learning among colleagues
  • Support lifelong learning

3. Expenditures are reasonable.

The Process for Reimbursement

1. A Travel Expense Report with accompanying receipts must be received within 2 weeks of the professional development activity.

2. The budget holder will assign the Central PD Code (4320) on the expense claim