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 General Education


 AOP 233

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 Vice-President Academic

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 December 10, 2014




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Post-Secondary Admissions, Registration and Graduation – AOP 225

MAESD – General Education Requirement

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April 2018

General Education


The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development’s Binding Policy Directive: Framework for Programs of Instruction requires all Ontario College Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs to include discrete general education courses in their program of study.


  1. The purpose of general education courses is to broaden a student’s sense of self and the world in which he/she lives. 
  2. General education courses must fit into one (1) of five (5) themes: Arts in Society, Civic Life, Social and Cultural Understanding, Personal Understanding or Science and Technology.
  3. General education courses must not: meet any vocational outcomes in a specific program; have any pre-requisites or corequisites tied to them; constitute training in essential employability or other skills.
  4. Students must successfully complete three (3) general education courses. In all cases, students have the opportunity to exercise choice amongst general education electives.
  5. General education courses will be facilitated through the General Education Department.
  6. General education courses shall be offered both in-class and online. Both in-class and online courses will include an independent study component and a module to be completed on the learning management system.
  7. New general education courses will be reviewed by the General Education Committee, which will be comprised of a member of the office of teaching and learning, dean or chair, the General Education Coordinator, two faculty members with demonstrated expertise in curriculum design and one student success mentor.
  8. Elective general education courses will be reviewed on a five (5) year cycle by the General Education Committee.

Registration, Transfer Credit and Add/Drop Procedures

  1. Registration is online via Loyalist College’s student portal. Students will typically select one (1) general education course in the semesters dictated by their program. Students wishing to take more than one (1) General Education course in a given semester should consult their student success mentor as this may put them in an overload position. Students should be aware that appropriate fees will be charged for the second general education course for which they register. Students can access the GNED registration form from Student Success Mentors or Enrolment Services. Additional fees may be charged to students wishing to take a general education course off-cycle.
  2. When a student registers for courses that are full students may be able to put themselves on a waitlist. Students must enrol in a course in order to add themselves to a waitlist and will only be able to register in courses with seats remaining, the number of which will be displayed. Student choice may be limited by the requirements of their vocational program of study. It is the responsibility of the student to make an educated choice, using the course information available on the portal and College website, including assessing whether or not they are good candidates for successful completion of online courses.
  3. Students wishing to pursue an exemption or transfer credit should present their existing transcript to the Pathways Coordinator. Students wishing to PLAR a general education course should refer to the course outline for specific information.
    • If the transcript is from Loyalist College, and courses are clearly designated as general education, then the student will be granted up to three (3) exemptions. Exemption requests are granted once only.
    • If the transcript is from another post-secondary institution and courses are clearly designated as general education, then the student will be granted up to three (3) transfer credits.
    • If the transcript is from another post-secondary institution and courses are not clearly designated as general education, then the Pathways Coordinator will analyze the transcript. If courses fit into the criteria cited for general education courses, then the student will be granted up to three (3) transfer credits. If the transcript is unclear, then the student may be asked to submit course outlines for further analysis.
  4. If a student wishes to drop a general education course, the procedure outlined in AOP 225 – Post-Secondary Admissions, Registration & Graduation will apply.
  5. If a student wishes to move from one general education course to another, then he/she must consult with the General Education Coordinator or Enrolment Services who will assess the viability of the move. The GNED registration form can be used for this purpose. This move will only be considered if requested within the first 10 days of the semester. The College cannot guarantee the move.