What You Said

Maureen“Respect is a precious gift which enriches both the giver and the receiver.”

Maureen Piercy
Loyalist College President

CoachTemplar“Respect means extending courtesy towards everyone, and using proper manners.”

Dave Templar
Residence Coordinator
Men’s Volleyball Coach

laura“Respect means appreciating and celebrating our differences.”

Laura Naumann
Registrar and Director, Enrolment Services
Advertising, 1991

Camille-Parent“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Camille Parent
Residence Inspection/Programming Assistant

loyalist-says-01“Respect to me is an unconditional acceptance of everyone.”

Krysten Burton
Police Foundations – Second Year

loyalist-says-02“To see the dignity and worth of all people.”

Tiana Gauthier
Police Foundations – Second Year

loyalist-says-03“Positive approach on what you give and receive with others.”

Cody Wassengeso
Police Foundations – Second Year

loyalist-says-04“Respect is something that everyone wants and that we should all give.”

Tracey Reid
Marketing Services – Graphic Technician
Advertising 1994, Public Relations 2010

“The foundation which allows a community to grow and prosper.”

Jim Whiteway
Chair – Business, Bioscience, Justice Studies

“Valuing everyone’s perspective.”

Danielle Emon
Library Technician

“Learning in a safe and welcoming environment.”

Kelly McGuire-Smith
Student Success Mentor
Social Service Worker 2000

“Respect is a verb, an action that we show each other.”

Kim Sutherland
Campus Manager, Bancroft

“Treating others how you want to be treated.”

Jessica Mees
Photojournalism – Second Year

“Showing considersation and empathy towards others regardless of circumstance.”

Carrie Bulgajewski
Recruitment Officer
Business 2009

“[Respect] is being polite and kind always,because being kind to people is not negotiable.”

Sarah Costa
Television & New Media – First Year

“accepting people as they are.”

Jaclyn Howes
Television and New Media – First Year

“Always talking to people like your Mom was listening.”

Sara Kelleher
Continuing Education


Charmaine Collins
Photojournalism – First Year

“Consideration for another person’s rights, beliefs and aspirations.”

Lisa Walker
Office Coordinator – Bancroft

“Showing care and concern for everyone.”

Suzanne Bedore
Community and Justice Services – Second Year

“Showing compassion and caring for all people.”

Jessica Anderson
Community and Justice Services – Second Year

“Treating others like you would want to be treated.”

Shannon Blowes
Community and Justice Services – Second Year

“To accept everyone for who they are!”

Jackie Revoy
Community and Justice Services – Second Year

“Being equal to everyone!”

Jessica Dodge
Community and Justice Services – Second Year

“Even a simple gesture, like holding the door, or even just a smile can go a long way.”

Courtney Rose
Esthetics and Spa Management 2011

“Treating everyone the same.”

Gail Genereaux
Media Resources

“Treating people the way you wish to be treated.”

Lori Baker
Media Resources

“Respect is taking into consideration the views and desires of others.”

Barbara Rouleau
Business – Second Year

“Respect means EQUALITY in every way possible.”

Joana Ang
Culinary Management – Second Year

“Respect means considering another person’s feelings.”

Karen Wood
Animation – First Year

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

Lorie Buxton
Community and Justice Services 2011

“Listening when someone is talking to me.”

Nancy Roy
Community and Justice Services – First Year

“Treating everyone equally.”

Natasha Andress
Journalism – Online, Printe and Broadcast – First Year