New Student FAQ

When will I be able to view my timetable?

Timetables will be available approximately four weeks before classes start, as long as fees have been paid and special timetables are not required. If you require a special timetable, please see your Program Coordinator.

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I have a class with no room assigned. What does that mean?

If a class appears in your schedule but has no room assigned, it is an online course and you do not need to be at the college. Some online courses will be delivered “live” during this time while others may be recorded to be available at your convenience. If a course has a room assigned, you will be required to be on campus unless your program faculty coordinator informs you otherwise.

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How do I change my program?

Domestic Students:
Prior to the start of the semester, log in at Ontario Colleges and apply for the new program you would like to take.

After the start of your program but before the 10th day of classes, email your Enrolment Services Officer. If you do not know your officer, please email

International Students:
Complete the Program Change Form on the Student Forms page, and submit the form electronically. Before your request is reviewed, the $100 fee must be paid at the Cash Office in Room 2H1.

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How do I withdraw from a program?

To withdraw from your program, please contact Student Success at and schedule a meeting with your student mentor.

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Where do I choose my General Education (GNED) courses?

To register your GNED according to your program map, visit the myLoyalist portal, and click on the “GenEd Course Selection” icon.
Otherwise, please fill out a GNED Registration form, available on the Student Forms page.

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How do I drop or change my GNED courses?

To change your GNED course, please fill out a General Education Drop and/or Manual Registration form, available on the Student Forms page. Email your completed form to Enrolment Services ( and we will remove you from your GNED. You can then log in to your myLoyalist portal to select a new GNED course.

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Where do I go to get a Proof of Enrolment or Verification of Enrolment letter?

You can apply for a Verification of Enrolment letter online through the Student Forms page. Your letter will be sent to your Loyalist College email address. Please allow up to five business days for the letter to be completed.

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How do I get a Program Completion letter?

You can apply for a Program Completion letter online through the Student Forms page. Your letter will be sent to your Loyalist College email address. Please allow up to five business days for the letter to be completed.

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How do I get my parking pass?

Parking passes can be ordered through the myLoyalist portal.
Once ordered, parking passes can be picked up at the Service Desk (Room 2L20) between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm with a proof of purchase.

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Where can I find information about the Student Health Plan?

Details about the Student Health Plan can be accessed here.

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How do I access myLoyalist?

The myLoyalist portal website can be accessed here.
Username = first name and last name, no spaces
Password = birthday yymmdd
If you are unable to log in, please visit the Service Desk (Rm. 2L20).

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How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Sign in to myLoyalist and click the Banner icon.
Once in Banner, click ‘Student Services’ – ‘Student Records’ – ‘Request Printed/Official Transcript.’
Note: Please do not select Loyalist College for the External College Code.

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Transfer credit and exemption information:

Please visit the Transfer Credit and Exemption FAQ web page.

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Where can I find information about my textbooks and other program costs?

If your program requires books or other supplies, you can view the recommendations by clicking the “Additional Program Costs” tab on myFees (located within your MyLoyalist portal). We recommend waiting until the start of classes to confirm these items prior to purchase.

How will my name be used?

As of October 1, 2020 our student systems at Loyalist College can begin to accommodate your full legal name in addition to a “preferred” first name. After this date, if you provide a preferred name during your (domestic) OCAS application or using the Preferred Name Request Form (available to all students), Loyalist College will use this name to generate or change your college accounts so that your user ID, email address and Microsoft Teams display will show this name. If you choose to use a preferred name after being issued an account in your legal name, your account will be updated but you will still have access to all records and emails that were generated using your legal name. Legal name changes can only be completed with proof of name change or government issued ID such as a driver’s license, marriage certificate, passport or health card.

Please note that any changes to your account log-in credentials can take up to 2 full business days to be fully synchronized to Blackboard. This means you may not be able to access Blackboard during this time.

It is recommended to always include your Student ID along with your name or preferred name when communicating with staff or faculty.

The Enrolment Services department will be the first department in the College to use or provide your Preferred name for the following records and communications:

  • Creation or update of your student account, email and MS Teams display name
  • Communications related to your college application, including offer emails/postcards (for domestic students only)
  • Reminder emails about GNED registration, deposit payments and orientation
  • Student Cards (beginning in winter 2021)

Loyalist College will continue to use your legal name in the following documents and communications:

  • Verification of Enrolment
  • Letter of Completion
  • Financial records (account statements, tax receipts)
  • OSAP and financial aid applications
  • Bursary applications
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Credentials (Certifications and Diplomas)
  • All communications related to convocation
  • Banner applications such as myFees, myRez, and the GNED portal will continue to display your Banner ID and legal name
  • Departments outside of Enrolment Services such as Marketing, Communications and Recruitment, Career Services, Student Government, and Residence will continue to use your legal name while we transition to college-wide implementation of preferred names

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