Loyalist Admission Testing


Mature Applicants

Applicants who are 19 years of age on the first day of classes in the year of admission and who do not have an OSSD are considered mature applicants. Such applicants must complete the required subjects for admission. If applicants lack required sub­jects, they may be requested to write a pre-entry test. Mature applicants are considered on an individual basis and should consult the Admissions Office as early as possible to determine if pre-entry testing and/or College preparatory studies are required.

Once you have applied as a mature applicant, you may be invited to write the Mature Applicant Pre-Entry Test(s).

If the program you applied for requires Grade 12 English and/or Mathematics, you will write English and/or Mathematics tests.

The admissions officer will advise you what is required and provide you with options for writing the test. You may choose to write the test immediately or schedule an appointment for a later time.

You will be required to pay a fee of $40 (HST included) after writing the pre-test. You will be notified of your assessment results by email. 

Pre-Entry Tests


ACCUPLACER is an assessment tool used to determine your knowledge in math, reading and writing as you prepare to enrol in College-level courses. The test determines if you are eligible for direct entry into your College program of interest. This test is used to identify your strengths and weaknesses in each subject area. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with your academic background, goals and interests, are used by academic advisors and counsellors to place you in the appropriate courses that meet your skill level.

Accuplacer Sample Questions for Students 

On The Day of Your Pre-Entry Test

  • Bring a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or health card – NOT a student card).
  • Ensure that you have a method of payment. Cash, debit or credit card are acceptable.
  • Personal items are not permitted in the testing room. All electronics (including phones, fitbit/smartwatches, etc.), coats, and bags will be placed in a defined area identified by the invigilator

Liability Disclosure – The Academic Centre for Testing is not responsible for lost, missing or misplaced items of any kind. Lockers with locks are available for use at no charge while writing your test.

Your Pre-Entry Test Results

You will be contacted by email/mail whether your pre-entry testing indicates direct entry to your desired program. You may be encouraged to seek additional upgrading to support admission to your program of choice in the future.

Unclear About Your Program of Choice?

Contact the Student Success Hub at 613-969-1913, ext. 2519 or email studentsuccess@loyalistcollege.com for assistance.