Policies and Procedures

Loyalist College policy concerning persons with disabilities

Human Rights Code

The Ontario Human Rights Code (1980) stipulates that every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities, and to occupancy of accommodation and employment, “without discrimination because of handicap.” Loyalist College, in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, will make every reasonable effort to provide both an accessible environment and appropriate support services for members of the College community with special needs. The College actively accommodates those with special needs, and initiates this process in the area of services, goods and facilities.

Loyalist College’s policy

Loyalist College recognizes its responsibility to those students, faculty and staff with special needs. It undertakes to ensure access to its academic programs and physical facilities, short of undue hardship, while protecting the academic integrity of the College.

Rights and responsibilities

The College acknowledges that the individual members of each group identified above have both rights and responsibilities, the respective recognition and exercise of which will be essential to the implementation of this policy.

The implementation of the above policy will be based upon awareness of need. Therefore, it will be the College’s responsibility to ensure that its faculty, staff and students are aware of disabilities programs, services and facilities, as well as of their rights and obligations under the various pieces of legislation in this area.