Supports and Services

The AccessAbility staff assist students with disabilities to adjust to the College environment in a variety of ways. Given that each student’s needs are unique, services and accommodations in the academic setting are arranged on an individual basis and based on the documentation of the student’s disability. Some of the services provided by the AccessAbility Centre may include:

  • advocacy and advising regarding disability issues
  • note-taking options
  • learning strategies
  • psycho-educational screening and assessments
  • maps which indicate accessible routes, entrances and parking
  • bursary funds for purchase of disability related services and equipment for eligible students
  • special arrangements for exams which include: extended test time, use of a computer, use of assistive technology, distraction-reduced exam environment, etc.
  • referrals to other Student Success services (e.g. counselling and tutoring services)

Based on documentation and in collaboration with the student, accommodations will be provided with an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) form. This form will be sent electronically to the student’s course instructors. The ISP will notify the instructors that the student is working with the AccessAbility Centre and is eligible for the accommodations indicated. A copy of this form will also be sent to the student’s school dean.

Assistive Technology

Students registered with AccessAbility Services have access to many different assistive technologies to support their learning.

Assistive technology training and support include:

  • Text to voice
  • Voice to text
  • Mind-mapping
  • Word prediction
  • Recording devices
  • FM systems
  • Alternative text format

Accommodations vs. Modifications

In elementary and secondary school, an educational modification means that changes are made to the expectations for a subject or course to correspond to the capabilities of the student. For example, you may be asked to complete work at a different grade level or complete a different amount of work.

Educational modifications are not available in college or university. Instead, you may receive an educational accommodation. Accommodations are available for students in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. Accommodations don’t change the level or amount of work you are expected to complete. Instead, they are resources or services to provide you with an equal opportunity to complete the work, should you require them.

Educational accommodations may include alternate format textbooks and other materials, the use of assistive technology, alternate testing locations or extended time for tests. Accommodations are designed to meet your individual needs.


If a student requires an assessment, appointments will be scheduled with the staff psychologist after in-house screening and upon approval of the manager. The assessment process requires students to attend testing and interview appointments. Students will be asked to sign an Assessment Contract agreeing to attend the scheduled appointments. If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled appointments, a fee may be added to your Loyalist College student account for any missed appointments with the psychologist. The fee also applies if you cancel your appointment and we cannot book another student for that time. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the course instructor of any classes that will be missed and to make arrangements for any missed course work.

Reduced Tuition Fee for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who require the accommodation of a reduced course load due to the impact of a documented disability may be eligible to have tuition fees reduced for the final courses needed to complete their program.  

More information can be found on the Reduced Tuition Fee for Students with Disabilities page.