Tutoring Services


Our mission

Tutoring Services support the advancement of student knowledge by assisting all Loyalist College students in meeting their academic goals through peer support, in an environment that:

  • Is positive and supportive
  • Promotes learning independence
  • Fosters student engagement

Our services

Our tutors work to engage students in active learning through reflection and collaboration, using strategies that promote independence. 

We offer the following:

Learn more about how to:

Course-specific peer tutoring

We offer one-to-one, course-specific tutoring. Loyalist College students who are experiencing academic difficulty, or who wish to improve their grades, are matched with upper-year students who can provide academic support.  

Drop-in support

*Drop-in Tutoring Services is currently closed. If you are looking for a tutor or writing/math support, please email the Coordinator of Tutoring Services, eproulx@loyalistcollege.com, or scroll down this page and click on Request a Tutor and we will do our best to match you with someone who can tutor through distance methods.*

Faculty Writing Coaches

We offer faculty writing coaches for Loyalist College students needing more comprehensive writing support.

To learn more or register for this service, please email EProulx@loyalistcollege.com

Request a tutor

Please click the link below to sign up for a tutor:

Request a Tutor

Become a tutor

Students wishing to become a peer tutor must maintain a cumulative GPA of 75 percent or higher and must have achieved a grade of 80 percent or higher in the course or courses they wish to tutor. Interested applicants should email the Coordinator of Tutoring Services, Erin Proulx, at EProulx@loyalistcollege.com or visit Tutoring Services, located in the Student Success HUB on the upper mezzanine above the Student Access Lab (SAL).

Steps to Tutoring Success

  • If you are having academic difficulties, speak to your professor and determine areas that could benefit from tutoring. 
  • Apply for tutoring early in the semester. Students who wait to access this service may have difficulty catching up.
  • Attend classes regularly and take thorough notes. Tutoring cannot help students who do not attend classes.
  • Do not miss your tutoring appointments. If you are unable to attend an appointment or are going to be late, contact the tutor ahead of time.
  • You cannot approach a tutor to ask for specific information regarding tests and examinations that they may have previously written.
  • When using drop-in services, please do not wait until the day an assignment is due to seek help.

Contact us

Erin Proulx
Coordinator, Tutoring Services
613-969-1913, ext. 2163