Tutoring Services

Our mission

Tutoring Services supports the advancement of student knowledge by assisting all Loyalist College students in meeting their academic goals through peer support, in an environment that:

  • Is positive and supportive
  • Promotes learning independence
  • Fosters student engagement

Our services

Our tutors work to engage students in active learning through reflection and collaboration, using strategies that promote independence. Tutoring Services also provides students with meaningful opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of course content through structured programs aimed at enhancing the post-secondary experience for both student and tutor. We offer:

Learn more about how to:

Course-specific peer tutoring

We offer one-to-one, course-specific tutoring. Loyalist College students who are experiencing academic difficulty, or who wish to improve their grades, are matched with upper-year students who can provide study time and assistance.  

Drop-in writing support

We offer drop-in writing enhancement support to all Loyalist College students.  Non-judgmental support is provided at all stages of the writing process, from concept to completion, in all disciplines across the College. Tutors strive to assist fellow students in becoming confident and competent writers by offering feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

As students themselves, tutors are not editors and provide no guarantee that the work for which support was provided is perfect. Tutors will not “fix” the content of the material presented to them, but will work with students to improve the quality of the work by enhancing the student’s strengths and working with them on their writing challenges.

Drop-in mathematical support

We offer drop-in mathematical enhancement support to all Loyalist College students. Our student tutors strive to assist their fellow students in becoming confident and competent in the fundamentals of mathematics. Students may meet with tutors individually or in small groups to help them meet their academic goals.

Request a tutor

To request a peer tutor simply log in to myLoyalist.com and follow the link below to complete the online request form. You will get an email with confirmation of a match to an appropriate tutor. Next, you will meet with the Coordinator to sign a student-tutor contract and receive the name and contact information of a successful upper-year student who will provide study time and assistance.

It is your responsibility to contact the tutor to arrange for a mutually convenient time to meet. Students and tutors are encouraged to meet for the first time in Tutoring Services, located in the Student Success Hub; subsequent meetings can take place anywhere on campus.

Request a Tutor

Become a tutor

Students wishing to become peer tutors must maintain a cumulative GPA of 75% or higher, and must have achieved a GPA of 80% or higher in the courses they wish to tutor. Interested applicants should email the Coordinator of Peer Tutoring and Academic Skills, Erin Proulx, eproulx@loyalistcollege.com or visit Tutoring Services, located in the Student Success Hub on the upper mezzanine above the Student Access Lab (SAL).

Steps to tutoring success

  • Contact your professor if you are having academic difficulties. Ask for assistance in determining your specific challenges.
  • Apply for tutoring help early in the semester. Students who wait to access this service may have difficulty catching up.
  • Attend classes regularly and take thorough notes. Tutoring cannot help students who do not attend classes.
  • Do not miss your tutoring appointments. If you are unable to attend an appointment or are going to be late, contact the tutor ahead of time.
  • You cannot approach a tutor to ask for specific information regarding tests and examinations that they may have previously written.

Contact us

Erin Proulx
Coordinator, Peer Tutoring and Academic Skills
613-969-1913, ext. 2163

Or stop by Tutoring Services, located in the Student Success Hub on the upper mezzanine, above the Student Access Lab (SAL).