Programming Calendar

Welcome to our weekly wellness programming page. This page lists a series of weekly activities that are here to support you!  

The Weekly Wellness programming below will be offered during the Spring/Summer semester. We hope to see you there!

These activities are offered each week, no sign-up necessary!


  • Weekly Soccer
    • Time: 4 – 6 pm
    • Meeting: Soccer field


  • Weekly Nature Walk
    • Time: 3 – 5 pm
    • Meeting: Front Entrance/Café


  • June 1 and  June 8  – Frisbee golf (12-2 pm) – Meet at main entrance of Kente Building
  • Weekly Indoor Games
    • Time: 3 – 5 pm
    • Place: Residence Commons
      • June 1: Life-Sized Games
        • Have some fun and learn how to play giant games such as Connect4, Jenga, and many more!
      • June 8: Pool Tournament
        • We’re hosting a pool tournament;  come one, come all and have some fun while competing for prizes!
      • June 15: Card Games
        • Calling all card fans – learn new games and feel free to teach some as well!
      • June 22: Charades & Pictionary
        • Put your acting and drawing skills to the test with charades and Pictionary!
      • June 29: Campus Scavenger Hunt
        • Come and hunt down the items in our Campus Scavenger Hunt. Figure out the clues and race others – the first person back wins a prize!
      • July 6: Escape Room
        • Put your thinking to the test in the Escape Room; escape the room before the time runs out in order to win a prize


  • Thursday, May 26 – Volleyball drop-in (12 – 2 pm)
  • Thursday, June 2  – Cricket (baseball field, 12 – 2 pm)
  • Spiritual Workshops
    • Time: 3 – 5 pm
    • Place: Residence Commons
      • May 26: Connecting to Nature
        • Spend some time in nature and practise connecting to the earth to de-stress from your worries and build an appreciation for the natural world!
      • June 2: Practising Gratitude
        • This week we will be practising gratitude to build on our own happiness and strengthen relationships with ourselves and others!
      • June 9: Guided Meditation
        • Join us for a guided meditation session to help relax the body and mind!
      • June 16: Music Therapy
        • Come and experiment with instruments and spend some time listening to music to help ease the mind!
      • June 23: Relaxing Stretches
        • Learn stretches that help relax the body!
      • June 30: Introduction to Crystals
        • An introduction to crystals for their symbolism, the energy they carry or just enjoying how they look!
      • July 7: Introduction to Astrology
        • Come learn your sun sign, discover what exactly a retrograde is and what it means.


  • Craft Café
    • Time: 3 – 5 pm
    • Place: Residence Commons
      • May 27: Vision boards
        • Put your visions, dreams, and goals for your future on paper in a colourful collage!
      • June 3: Pot painting
        • With spring well underway, it’s the perfect time for planting. Come and paint pots to welcome the warm months!
      • June 10: Sticker Making
        • Learn how to make your own custom stickers and decorate your space with your own unique style and personality!
      • June 17: Bracelet Making
        • Learn how to make thread bracelets for yourself and loved ones; they also make great bookmarks!
      • June 24: Macramé
        • Create a macramé rope hanger or decoration for pots and plants, or as a standalone decorative piece!
      • July 8 and July 15: Collaborative Canvas Painting
        • A large canvas that everyone adds their own style and experiences to in order to create one large painting!
      • July 15: Scrapbooking
        • Make those photos yours by decorating them yourself; or, if you’re a beginner, feel free to pop by and learn how to scrapbook!
      • July 22: Drawing
        • Come and lay pencil to paper and create a piece unique to you; draw portraits of friends or a still life!