Credit Transfer and Exemptions

Credit Transfers and Exemptions

A transfer credit is awarded in recognition of credits earned from an external institution. Students must submit a completed transfer credit or exemption application to the Pathways Coordinator or to their Program Coordinator. Not all transfer credit requests will be approved. A $25 fee will be charged per course for approved transfer credits (to a maximum of $250).

An exemption is assigned in recognition of academic credit deemed by the College to be sufficiently similar to the program curriculum to warrant an exemption. There is no fee for exemptions. Students must submit a completed transfer credit or exemption application to the to the Pathways Coordinator or to their Program Coordinator.

Here’s how it works:

  • You must apply to your course professor, coordinator or pathways coordinator for transfer credits within the first 10 school days of the academic semester.
  • You will need to provide all supporting documents to your professor, including official transcripts, course outlines and international credential evaluation (WES or ICAS) for courses from non-Canadian institutions.
  • Courses that are approved for transfer credit are listed on your academic transcripts but are not calculated in your program weighted average.
  • Generally, transfer credits are only granted for credits obtained within seven years of the request.
  • Students may not receive transfer credit for more than 75 percent of a program’s requirements.
  • Transfer credits will not be added to the student’s record until the student has registered at the College.

You can find a  list of previously approved General Education transfer credits from courses taken at external post-secondary institutions (organized by institution name) here. For previously approved courses, we only require the official transcript and transfer credit or exemption application

For more information on our transfer credit processes and policies, please review the Transfer Credit and Exemption FAQ or email