Chris McMahon

Loyalist Post-Grad 3D Puts Graduates on Leading Edge of Visual Technology

Chris McMahon, a graduate of Concordia University and John Abbott College, moved to Belleville from Montreal to take Loyalist’s 3D Video Production program. Since graduating in 2012, he has assumed the role of Creative Director for iTRIX MEDIA, an advertising firm in Montreal.

ChrisMcMahon 3D-crop“My post-secondary education was in communication and animation,” explained Chris McMahon. “As a student in Quebec, my first 2D animation, Vaseline and Pepper, won at the Montreal World Student Film Festival in 2010. I chose to take Loyalist’s 3D program to learn how to bring my animations to life in 3D. It worked. I’m now producing a movie with hand-drawn animation in 2D and S3D with the potential to be formatted for screening on our company’s glasses-free 3D TVs. I’m excited to be part of the next major leap in visual technologies. Loyalist made this possible.”

The entertainment industry is embracing technology on an unprecedented level, as viewers expect the highest quality picture and sound as part of the storytelling experience. As such, there is high demand for production personnel with the advanced skill sets to produce the desired content.

The Loyalist College 3D Video Production post-graduate program is designed for individuals like Chris who want to advance their 2D production and post-production skills in preparation for a wide range of employment opportunities in 3D television, web production, mobile production – or a combination of all three. The intensive accelerated post-graduate certificate program can be completed within one semester – ideal for employers looking to upgrade members of their team, yet unable to spare them for an extended length of time.

Working in small class sizes, students get hands-on experience and direct faculty feedback. They learn to use state-of-the-art equipment and software to create a variety of short-format productions as they evolve their practices from 2D to 3D.

Industry professionals praise Loyalist for offering a program that enables professionals currently working within the field to add 3D expertise to their skill set and prepare them for this exciting niche.

“While the 3D industry is still in its infancy, it continues to progress in leaps and bounds,” commented William White, President and CEO, 3D Camera Company Limited in Toronto.  “Hollywood is looking to the north for creativity to produce 3D product and Loyalist College is on the cutting edge of this tremendous surge. Building on skills learned at the undergraduate level, the 3D Video Production students will refine the techniques of the content creation industry. They will have many opportunities in this exciting field.”

For more information about the 3D Video Production program, please contact Professor Cathy Goddard at or 613-969-1913 ext. 2357.