Curriculum Share Partnerships in China

Loyalist College is dedicated to providing global learning opportunities for our students to study in Canada and abroad. We believe that the relationships that develop between international and domestic students create opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges that enrich the experience for all students and contribute significantly to Loyalist’s growth, activities and commitment to globalization.

Loyalist has established curriculum share partnerships with a variety of international institutions for students to gain a global learning experience while earning academic credits. Students who successfully complete Loyalist programs in collaboration with our international partners receive the same credential provided to students at our Canadian campuses.

Please find below an overview of the Loyalist programs offered at international institutions:

 Loyalist College Program International Institution
Construction Engineering Technician

Zhejiang College of Construction

Early Childhood Education

Yichun Vocational Technical College

Fitness & Health Promotion

Qujing Medical College

Learn more about Loyalist’s curriculum share partnership institutions in China below:

Qujing Medical College

Located in the eastern Yunnan province in the city of Qujing, Qujing Medical College (QMC), founded in 1958, was known as Qujing Health School and adopted its present name in February 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. In eight secondary teaching institutions (Schools of Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Marxism, Departments of Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Health & Wellness Management, Public Basic Courses and Basic Medicine) and three research institutes (Human Morphology and Function Research, Microorganism Research and Medical Higher Vocational Research), QMC has 55 quality engineering programs at the provincial level or above. 

QMC currently has 20 specialties, including nursing, optometry technology, clinical medicine and midwifery as key specialties for 8,000 full-time and 8,000 continuing education students. Over 360 faculty members with master’s and doctorate degrees have obtained national patents, conducted over 90 various scientific research projects, and received provincial awards for teaching, science and technology and social science research. Affiliated with higher education research institutes and teaching hospitals, QMC also includes the provincial 190 Occupational Skills Appraisal Institute and the Continuing Education Centre for Qujing health sector personnel and 103 off-campus practice bases. QMC places great importance on foreign exchange and cooperation with colleges in Canada, England, Japan and Australia.  

Yichun Vocational Technical College

Yichun Vocational Technical College was established in June 2003 with the approval of the Jiangxi provincial government. Located in Yichun City, a historical city known as the City of the Moon in western Jiangxi province, it is a public full-time regular senior college. Yichun Vocational Technical College is an exemplary vocational college with four schools (Nursing, Teacher Education, Lithium Battery New Energy, and Medicine), five departments (Information Engineering, Accounting, Economics and Management, Foreign Languages, and Arts) and three teaching sections (Basic Curriculum, Basic Medicine, and Ideological and Political Curriculum).

With joint efforts of over 800 teachers, offering 33 specialties to more than 16,000 students, the Yichun Vocational Technical College continues to win provincial and national competitions and has established relationships with educational institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Denmark, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan.

Zhejiang College of Construction

Zhejiang College of Construction (ZCC), originating from Zhejiang Construction Industry School founded in 1958, is the only full-time public construction college in Zhejiang province. Officially established in January 2002, it was given a first-class rating by the Ministry of Education of the P.R. China in December 2006. In 2012, it was authorized as a higher vocational college and named one of the “Top 50” National Colleges of Graduate Employment by the Ministry of Education in 2015.

Located beside the beautiful Qiantang River, ZCC has five departments (Construction Engineering, Economic Management, Urban Construction Engineering, Architecture and Arts, and Humanities and Information) with 25 specialties in major fields of the construction industry; it has over 8,000 full-time students and more than 400 teachers. With over 300 off-campus training bases with established industry, the college places importance on foreign exchange and cooperation. With local and international educational institutions and industry leaders, Zhejiang College of Construction continues to be recognized for its achievements.