When You Arrive at Loyalist

The following information is intended to help you prepare for your journey at Loyalist College.

Bank Accounts

When you arrive in Belleville, it is a good idea to open a bank account. Most banks offer a student account package. At your appointment, you will need:

  • Your passport and study permit
  • Any other official identification in case the bank asks for it
  • The money you would like to deposit (bank draft, traveller’s cheques etc.) – they may put a hold of up to four weeks for the funds to clear
  • Your complete address and phone number in Canada

To look up current exchange rates, visit the Bank of Canada.

Canadian Income Taxes

All students working and earning money while in Canada are required to fill out an Income Tax Return by April 30 each year.  You may also be entitled to a GST and housing refund. Newcomers to Canada (including international students) should file their return to:

International Tax Services Office Canada Revenue Agency 2204 Walkley Road Ottawa, ON K1A 1A8

For more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency or phone 1-800-267-5177.

Workshops and assistance will be provided in February/March.

International Driver’s Licence

You may find it beneficial to get a driver’s licence while in Canada. You must have a driver’s licence to be able to drive in Canada. If you have a valid driver’s licence from your home country it will only be valid in Canada for 60 days. If your driver’s licence is from a country other than the United States, you must also have an international driver’s licence. If you do not have an international driver’s licence, you must apply for an Ontario driver’s licence. For more information on drivers licences visit the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

Life at Loyalist College

Academic success

The faculty and staff are here to help you succeed. If you have any questions or concerns about lectures or assignments, do not hesitate to ask for help. There are several services available at the College to assist you in your academic progress.

Need help?

We want to ensure you are successful in your studies. Learn more about our Student Success services.

Class schedule

Classes will be scheduled Monday to Friday anywhere between 8 am – 8 pm. The number of classes each day varies from program to program. Classes are usually between one hour and three hours in duration. Most students have between 20 and 22 hours of classes per week. Saturday and Sunday are considered weekends. Many students visit with their families, travel or complete academic assignments. Library and computer services are open to students on the weekend.

View the academic schedule

Recreational activities on campus

Loyalist offers excellent athletics, sports facilities, campus recreation and outdoor education programs. Learn more!

Loyalist Student Government organizes many events and activities for students, including events at the Shark Tank Pub. By day, the Student Centre is a place where you can relax and meet new friends while at Loyalist College. The pub is equipped with six billiard (pool) tables, televisions and a patio lounge area.

Customs and values

Cultural adjustment

Learning to live in and cope with a new culture that is often very different from your own can be difficult and frustrating. Most international students experience some sort of adjustment, transition or “culture shock.”

To help you cope with cultural transition:

  • Learn about the new culture
  • Be open to new ways and keep an open mind
  • Have personal photos, music etc. from home to maintain a link with your own culture
  • Develop friendships with fellow students from your own country
  • Ask about College or beginners’ sport teams, get involved in activities

Understanding Canadians

Although Canada is very multicultural, there are many basic values and customs that create the foundation of the country.


Freedom and individuality are important to Canadians. Canadians are taught from an early age that they are responsible for their own situations in life. Canadians usually see themselves as individuals more than as a member of a group, nation, or even a family. It will be expected that you become self-sufficient while in Canada.


Privacy is important to Canadians. It is polite to ask about someone’s work or academic major, but it is generally considered impolite to ask about someone’s age, appearance (e.g., their weight), or status (e.g., how much their car costs). Personal space is important to Canadians and the typical Canadian conversation takes place with one arm length between each person while they are speaking. Canadians also like to have time and space to themselves. In people’s homes, it is important to respect the private rooms such as bedrooms.


Canadians tend to relate rather informally with one another. When speaking with family or friends, “slang” language is commonly used by Canadian youth. Casual attire is acceptable for students to wear at College.


Canadians are very polite to others. They tend to say “please” and “thank you” as well as other respectful notions and responses.


Canadians believe in equality of all people regardless of race, heritage, gender, age, disability or social status. Canada has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to acts of violence or of dominance over another person. Many Canadians value political correctness, which means they avoid expressions or actions that could be insulting to others. Canadians believe themselves to be tolerant of different lifestyles and customs. In reality, stereotypes and prejudice do exist in Canada.


Canadians place a high priority on punctuality. When you have an interview or appointment, it is customary to show up a few minutes early. If you are unable to make the interview or appointment, contact the individual you are meeting and schedule an alternative time and place.

Tour Canada

Belleville is located at the midway point between Toronto and Ottawa, and is situated on a major highway, allowing travellers easy access to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and many other destinations.

Travelling outside Canada

Please refer to the The United States website for questions and information on immigration. 

If you decide to travel outside of Canada while attending Loyalist College, you are required to have the following documents:

  • A valid passport. If your passport has expired, you must contact your country’s nearest embassy.
  • A valid study permit. If you are returning to study after travelling outside of Canada and your permit has expired, you must renew it.
  • Please refer to the academic schedule while planning to travel during scheduled breaks. 

Remember to check with each embassy for the country you plan to visit as requirements for entry may vary.

Contact the U.S. Consulate General Toronto at:
U.S. Visa inquires: trtniv@state.gov
Main line: 1-416-595-1700
After hours emergency line: 1-416-201-4056