Travel to Canada

Loyalist College’s COVID-19 Readiness Plan

As Loyalist College was required to sign an Attestation with the Public Health Agency agreeing to take responsibility for the incoming students’ quarantine, all students (new and returning) at both campus locations MUST follow the Loyalist College plan and process for traveling to Canada as outlined below.

Individuals are advised to continually check the Government of Canada’s rules for travelling to Canada, testing, quarantine and borders as authorities are constantly making adjustments once new COVID-19 pandemic information is received. 

Loyalist College requires students at both Belleville and Toronto campuses to:

  • Register travel with the International Centre to receive travel documents for entry to Canada (regardless of vaccination status).
  • Arrange a supervised quarantine with the International Centre (if not vaccinated or partially vaccinated).

International travellers may qualify for certain exemptions to quarantine and testing requirements as announced by the Canadian Federal Government. Loyalist College students at both Belleville and Toronto campuses, are required to follow the outlined processes below based on their vaccination status to enter Canada.

Winter 2022 Semester Dates

November 1 Students wanting to travel may submit a request to register their travel.
November 15 Visa submission date to confirm your seat in your program. If your visa is confirmed afterNovember 15, you are required to confirm program availability with International Admissions before travel documents can be provided. Please contact 
December 10 Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) allows students to travel to Canada for the winter semester. CBSA has advised that students are only permitted to enter Canada at a maximum of four weeks before their semester begins.
December 23 - January 4 Loyalist College Holiday Closure
January 10 Winter 2022 Orientation
January 11 Classes Begin (all students)
January 24 Day 10 of the semester. This is the last day to complete registration and all students must be present in classes on or before this date.

Advanced Notice of Flight Reservations are Required:

Staff require 15 business days before travel to ensure each student has proper documentation to support entry into Canada. There are a large volume of travel requests at this time. Staff need this time to process requests and ensure documentation is accurate to support entry to Canada.

Travel During Scheduled Breaks:

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has advised that students should not travel on their scheduled four-month break as students are only permitted to enter Canada at a maximum of four weeks before their semester begins.

Holiday Season Travel:

December 24 till January 2 is considered the holiday season in Canada.  It is recommended that students do not travel during these dates for the following reasons:

  • Travel prices increase
  • Reduced hours/closure of businesses
  • Off-campus landlords may not be available to contact or meet for housing options
  • Loyalist College holiday closure – reduced staffing during these dates

Mandatory Early Arrival Health Insurance:

The mandatory health insurance arranged with tuition is not in effect until January 1, 2022. Regardless of vaccination status, new students planning to arrive before this date will be required to purchase Canadian health insurance at the daily rate of $1.65 for each day from arrival in Canada date until December 31. This insurance will automatically be arranged on your behalf and charges will be added to your Loyalist College student account.

Medical care in Canada is very expensive in the event of an emergency, an accident, or if you become ill. Having this daily insurance policy until your annual policy is in effect will be a fraction of the cost compared to a medical bill from a Canadian hospital for medical attention during a global pandemic.

Mandatory Supervised Quarantine Required:

Loyalist College students at both Belleville and Toronto campuses who are required to quarantine, are NOT able to quarantine on their own by making their own arrangements or staying with family/friends. Students are required to follow the process outlined below and those who fail to arrange the total 14-day quarantine will not be able to register at either Loyalist College campus. 

Hotel stays will be at our partner hotel in Toronto as indicated on documentation. 

Non-Fully Vaccinated Students:

Loyalist College students at both Belleville and Toronto campuses are required to have both vaccinations to be eligible to be on campus.  Students who arrive that are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated will be required to meet with their academic team to complete coursework remotely until they receive vaccinations in accordance to the Loyalist College vaccination policy.

If you have questions, we encourage you to attend a live Travel to Canada Information Session. They are taking place every Wednesday starting 10 am EST (7:30 pm IST) until October 27.
Join our Zoom Meeting here.
Meeting ID: 956 8959 8561
Passcode: Hak01Q


Fifteen business days are required before travel for all students regardless of their vaccine status to provide proper documentation to support entry into Canada. There are a large volume of travel requests at this time and staff need this time to process requests, prepare accurate documentation to support entry to Canada and avoid unexpected delays.

Please follow the instructions below to continue with your planning – please read carefully.

  • It is recommended that your purchase a refundable ticket in the event you need to adjust your travel plans.
  • Fully vaccinated travellers are not required to book a hotel in advance but must arrive in Canada prepared to book a hotel stay on the spot if not confirmed exempted by CBSA on arrival.
  • Non-fully vaccinated travellers are required to book and pay the quarantine package fee for the 14-day hotel stay. Please refer to details related to non-fully vaccinated travellers under Important Information.

Submit your travel plans to Loyalist College using our online webform and be sure to complete all required information and attach required documentation to not delay this process.

  • There is a daily limit to the number of requests that can be received.
  • There is no requirement to send an email once your web form is submitted. Your request is in queue for processing.



  • Once submitted, the Loyalist College team will provide each student with documentation to support entry to Canada based on their vaccination status.
  • Fully vaccinated students will receive documents to support entry into Canada and information on what to do if you are not confirmed exempt by CBSA upon arrival that must be followed.
  • Non-fully vaccinated students' will receive a documented plan to support your entry to Canada to provide documents on your Loyalist College email account confirming:
    • Quarantine arrangements and support entry into Canada as a not-fully vaccinated traveller for 14 days;
    • A detailed message about travel to Canada;
    • Shuttle details to the hotel;
    • Travel Letter (which is considered a Verification of Enrolment Letter);
    • Payment instructions for your quarantine package (if applicable).

Please refer to details related to non-fully vaccinated travellers under Important Information.


Students are required to submit details into ArriveCAN app 72 hours prior to your flight departure - you must have the updated version of the ArriveCAN app.

Fully Vaccinated Students

  • If confirmed exempt, you must email the International Team and provide proof of exemption and include your student number:
  • Failure to provide proof or misrepresentation of any information will be considered to be in violation of quarantine requirements.
  • If not exempted, the student will travel to the hotel following the provided instruction sheet for Not Exempt Travellers. Students are not permitted to quarantine on their own, with family/friends.  Failure to comply is considered a breach of quarantine and students will be reported to the Code of Conduct Committee.

Non-fully vaccinated students

  • Students will travel to the hotel and complete arranged 14-day quarantine plan.
  • Please refer to details related to non-fully vaccinated travellers under Important Information.

If you are fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated you are required to add your vaccine record(s) to the PPA Vaccine Tracker. Click here for instructions.

The Application can be downloaded via one of these links: Windows Desktop, Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

Please refer to details related to non-fully vaccinated travellers under Important Information.

As per the Loyalist College Readiness Plan, any student requiring a quarantine is required to arrange a suitable quarantine plan with the Loyalist College International Centre. Students are not permitted to quarantine on their own or with family/friends. Payment required for students who are not exempt from quarantine.

Any Student Requiring Quarantine Upon Entry to Canada

Any student who is entering Canada and requires quarantine must arrange a quarantine under supervision of Loyalist College.

  • New Arriving Students: $900 subsidized cost ( Loyalist College is paying more than 50% of the actual cost).
  • Returning Students: Responsible for full cost of stay (costing provided by hotel).
Family Members

All family members entering Canada are required to quarantine under supervision of Loyalist College and cannot quarantine on their own, even if they have own accommodations. Family members of students are required to arrange a quarantine plan under supervision of Loyalist College upon entry into Canada.

Please note: The quarantine package costs for family members of students entering Canada is not subsidized. Please contact the International Centre for costing and further details.


Upon receiving your quarantine documents from Loyalist College, students will receive instructions on making payment in advance for their quarantine package. Quarantine fees will automatically be charged to your Loyalist College student account for payment. Delay in payment, may impact student registration.


Loyalist College is striving to provide students with the highest quality service in arranging quarantine reservations. Various non-refundable financial commitments and deposits are required when making these arrangements before the student arrives.

The College will not be held responsible to cover the costs for any delays or cancellations related to travel plans. If students cancel their reservations for their 14-day quarantine plan, they will be required to pay cancellation fees for hotel reservations, driver service and catering services. Students who arrive in Canada and cancel their 14-day quarantine plan for any reason (other than an approved exemption) will be subject to a cancellation fee for each service as outlined. This includes students who test positive for COVID-19 and are moved to a federal quarantine facility.   

We understand that every student's situation or reason for cancelling is unique and therefore the cancellation charges vary. If travel to Canada is restricted, Loyalist College will ensure that your student account accurately reflects the quarantine situation.


Students who DO NOT quarantine under supervision of Loyalist College, misrepresent information or do not follow the quarantine booking process and rules during for the 14-day period:

  • Risk rejection of entry into Canada by CBSA
  • Will be reported to law enforcement for violating the Federal Quarantine Act
  • Will be considered in violation of the Student Code of Conduct which could result in expulsion from Loyalist College
  • Will be issued fines
  • Risk the loss of tuition fees

Failure to comply with the Government of Canada’s mandated Quarantine carries legal penalties and fines. Please refer to Loyalist College's Mandatory Quarantine Plan Infractions & Sanctions

Protect your community. Download the COVID Alert app. The more Canadians who install the COVID Alert app, the better we can limit the spread of COVID-19. Let’s protect each other. For the latest and most up-to-date information on the novel COVID-19, visit the Government of Canada's webpage or call the coronavirus information line: 1-833-784-4397.

COVID Alert App

Quarantine Reservation Process

As per the Loyalist College Readiness Plan, any student who is NOT exempt from quarantine requires a suitable Quarantine Plan with our partner hotel and to have documentation provided to support entry into Canada. More details based on your vaccination status can be found below:

Fully Vaccinated Travellers

Non-fully Vaccinated Travellers


If you have any questions regarding your transition to Canada, please contact the International Centre by emailing