Travel to Canada

Students are advised to continually check the Government of Canada’s rules for travelling to Canada as authorities are constantly making adjustments once new COVID-19 pandemic information is received.

It is recommended that students consider booking travel arrangements that are refundable should you need to adjust your travel plans. Face coverings are mandatory for all air travellers. 

Face Covering Restrictions

Mandatory Self-Quarantine for 14 Days

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian federal and provincial governments have mandated changes limiting international travel into Canada. All individuals travelling into Canada must place themselves into quarantine for 14 days, provide contact information and monitor themselves for symptoms. You will be required to demonstrate your plan for quarantine upon entry which is mandatory, even if you have no symptoms. Your quarantine plan will need to be documented to provide confirmation of details.

It is mandatory that Loyalist College students quarantine under supervision of the College. Students are NOT able to quarantine on their own by making their own arrangements.

Mandatory Quarantine Plan

All Loyalist College students (new and returning) who are arriving from outside of Canada and plan to register at either our Belleville or Toronto campuses, are required to complete a 14-day quarantine immediately following arrival into Canada. As Loyalist College was required to sign an Attestation with the Public Health Agency agreeing to take responsibility for the incoming students’ quarantine, the College requires all Loyalist students to arrange and pay for the quarantine at a preselected location in Belleville. Students who fail to arrange and pay for the 14 day quarantine will not be able to register on either Loyalist College campus.

It is mandatory that family members travelling to Canada with students are now required to request and arrange a quarantine plan from the International Centre (

Pre-departure COVID-19 Testing Requirement

Transport Canada has announced that all travellers entering Canada who are five years of age or older, regardless of citizenship, must provide proof of a negative molecular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) laboratory test result for COVID-19 within 72 hours of the traveller’s scheduled departure. Failure to do so will result in a denial of boarding.

Anyone who receives a negative test result and is authorized to enter Canada must still complete the full, mandatory 14-day quarantine, unless exempted under the Quarantine Act. In addition to completing their full quarantine period, returning travellers must monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and submit information electronically through ArriveCAN. If symptoms develop, even if mild, or a positive test for COVID-19 is received once in Canada, travellers are advised to contact local public health authorities.

For more information, visit the Travel FAQ’s on the Loyalist College’s COVID-19 Information Centre web page.

Loyalist College 14-Day Quarantine Plan in Belleville

New Arriving Students 
The College’s International Centre will provide a 14-day quarantine plan package within a preselected local hotel (non-smoking only). The total cost of this package is $3,143.66 CAD which Loyalist College will split the cost (50/50) with the student. After the 14-day self-isolation, the student portion of $1,571.83 CAD (plus additional fees as indicated below) will be added to the Loyalist College student’s account. The 50% reduction in cost applies to new registered Loyalist College students only. Students will receive an email advising that charges have been added to the account and details related to payment.

All students at both campus locations MUST follow the Loyalist College plan for quarantine as it is the only approved plan by both provincial and federal governments for Loyalist College. The quarantine package will include the following:

  • Support letter for travel to provide to the CBSA Officer
  • Transportation directly from the airport to a hotel in Belleville
  • Hotel stay for 14 days, single occupancy only
  • Delivery of food daily, which includes three meals only – breakfast, lunch and dinner with a beverage (room service is not available)
  • Additional face mask and thermometer for daily temperature recordings
  • Contact with an International Centre team member Monday to Friday as well as emergency contact during evenings/weekends

Returning Students 
Any student who was living in Canada and choses to leave and return home to another country is responsible for covering the full cost of the mandatory quarantine package – $3,143.66. In this situation support letters will not be provided for re-entry to Canada. Only official quarantine plan documentation from Loyalist College will be provided to the student for re-entry to Canada. After the 14-day self-isolation, the fees of $3143.66 (plus additional fees as indicated) will be added to the Loyalist College student’s account. Students will receive an email advising that charges have been added to the account and details related to payment.

Family Members
Family members who require a quarantine plan must have their own room to quarantine and will be responsible for paying the full cost of $3,143.66 CAD (plus additional fees as indicated). After all arrangements are confirmed, family members will receive a documented plan to share with CBSA. After the 14-day self-isolation, $3,143.66 CAD (plus additional fees as indicated) will be added to the Loyalist College student’s account. Students will receive an email advising that charges have been added to the account and details related to payment.


Students who DO NOT quarantine under supervision of Loyalist College or follow the quarantine rules during the 14-day stay:

  • Risk rejection of entry into Canada by CBSA
  • Will be reported to law enforcement for violating the Federal Quarantine Act
  • Will be considered in violation of the Student Code of Conduct which could result in expulsion from Loyalist College
  • Fines will be issued
  • Possible loss of tuition fees

Return Transportation to Toronto
Toronto campus students will have the additional cost of return transportation to Toronto once they complete their quarantine in Belleville.

Book your quarantine
To arrange a quarantine package in Belleville, please contact the International Centre at before booking your flight ticket. After all arrangements are confirmed, students will receive a documented plan to share with CBSA. After the 14-day self-isolation, applicable charges will be added to the Loyalist College student’s account.

Students must consult with Loyalist College before booking flights to Canada. Adequate pre-planning will ensure that there is sufficient time to make the quarantine arrangements considering different time zones. Loyalist College requires enough time to confirm that travel plans for each student can be accommodated with the transportation company, hotel, and food caterer.

Loyalist College’s quarantine plans are arranged using the services of outside companies during the 14-day period. Requests to cancel arranged quarantine plans may result in significant cancellation charges that will be the student’s responsibility to cover. Any cancellation charges will be added to the student’s Loyalist College account. 

Hotel Food
The hotel is contracted to serve three meals/three beverages daily only. The hotel does not provide room service between meals. Meals are prepared by a local catering service. It is important to understand that there will be students from various countries quarantining at the time within the hotel and staff will be providing meals in consideration of all students staying at the hotel during your stay. Students may be provided popular food selections from a variety of countries including Canada. The food served may be new to you and cannot be substituted. Traditional ethnic meal requests cannot be accommodated.

Upon request, staff can provide a listing of food delivery services/restaurants that can deliver additional food to the hotel. Delivery orders will require a credit card for purchase and will be an additional cost to you. Alcohol deliveries are not permitted.

COVID-19: A Guide for International Students in Canada Arriving from Abroad

Please review Canada’s “COVID-19: A Guide for International Students in Canada Arriving from Abroad” document below. This is a consolidated set of guidelines to support the return of international students and outline the roles and responsibilities of Designated Learning Institutions, Provinces and Territories, and the Government of Canada.

COVID-19 Guide for International Students

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing

After arriving in Canada all students will receive mandatory COVID-19 testing as per the Government of Ontario. Arrangement details will be shared after arrival.

iCent App


The iCent app assists to welcome, orient and engage international students on campus and at international airports.

iCent App

ArriveCAN App

As of November 21, 2020, it is mandatory for all travellers flying into Canada to submit their COVID-related information digitally through ArriveCAN. Travellers are required to download the ArriveCAN app from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and submit their information through ArriveCAN before boarding. This includes travel and contact information, quarantine plan and a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment. Travellers will need to show their ArriveCAN receipt when seeking entry to Canada and CBSA officers will be verifying that the information has been submitted digitally.
ArriveCAN is a free app that has been designed to help travellers comply with border measures and limit points of contact. Information can be saved up to 48 hours ahead of arrival time and the app works in airplane mode. 

ArriveCAN App

COVID Alert App

Protect your community. Download the COVID Alert app. The more Canadians who install the COVID Alert app, the better we can limit the spread of COVID-19. Let’s protect each other. For the latest and most up-to-date information on the novel COVID-19, visit the Government of Canada’s webpage or call the coronavirus information line: 1-833-784-4397.

COVID Alert App

Health Insurance




Medical care in Canada is very expensive. The mandatory health insurance (as part of the tuition payment) with for the Winter 2021 semester is effective starting January 1, 2021. Any student who arrives prior to this date will have a daily insurance package added to the cost of the quarantine package. The daily cost is $1.65 and will be charged from the date the student arrives in Canada until December 31, 2021.

Please note: The mandatory annual policy does not cover pre-existing conditions, so please plan accordingly before travelling to Canada if you have a pre-existing condition that you need to manage. Benefit Summary

Winter Semester Dates

Monday, January 11: Classes begin for returning students

Tuesday, January 12: Classes begin for January start students

Monday, January 25: Day ten of the semester – last day to complete registration

Winter 2021 Program Specific Delivery Plans

If you have any questions regarding your transition to Canada, please contact the International Centre: