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30-Day Zero Waste Challenge

February 05, 2019

Want to be more sustainable but don’t know where to start? Here is a 30-day zero waste challenge.

Day 1 – Reusable grocery and produce bags
Day 2 – Reusable water bottle/coffee cup
Day 3 – Reusable food containers (mason jars and silicon bags are great!)
Day 4 – Say no to straws
Day 5 – Compost
Day 6 – Line dry clothes (hang socks over the edge of the laundry basket)
Day 7 – Repair
Day 8 – Bring reusable utensils
Day 9 – Sign up to stop advertising mail from being delivered 
Day 10 – Opt for secondhand
Day 11 – Grow your own food
Day 12 – Swap disposable razor for safety razors
Day 13 – Review your local recycling rules
Day 14 – Eat more plants and package-free foods
Day 15 – Buy local
Day 16 – Buy less
Day 17 – Cook at home
Day 18 – Eat seasonally
Day 19 – Say “NO” to freebies
Day 20 – Use package-free toiletries or make your own
Day 21 – Ditch paper towels for cloths
Day 22 – Swap plastic wrap for beeswax wrap
Day 23 – Make your own bread
Day 24 – Swap dryer sheets for wool dryer balls
Day 25 – Swap aluminum foil for a silicon baking mat
Day 26 – Buy at the Bulk Barn with your reusable containers
Day 27 – Refillable fountain pen
Day 28 – Eat leftovers
Day 29 – Borrow/share rarely used items
Day 30 – Reward yourself by taking a hike to connect with the planet

There is lots of information online for tips on zero waste items and alternatives.

You don’t need to wait until the beginning of a new month to start the 30-day challenge – start today!

If you have any questions, please email