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Arthur Andrzejewski: Justice Served in Credit Valley Hospital

March 06, 2015

At Loyalist College, students are taught essential skills through hands-on experiences that prepare them to confidently enter the workforce in their chosen field. Justice Studies graduate Arthur Andrzejewski started his career with Paladin Security where he is a Security Officer for Trillium Health Partners at Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga. In this position, he uses the knowledge that he learned at Loyalist to make a difference in the lives of people he interacts with daily.

Arthur-Andrzejewski“The Justice Studies programs teach crucial aspects of all security roles,” says Arthur, who graduated in 2013. “Everything from understanding how to use verbal intervention or force, to working within criminal law, helps me deal with a wide range of people. My classes were well planned and informative. I appreciated that professors really cared about students’ success and focused on helping us to achieve our goals and succeed in life.”

Arthur is responsible for ensuring the safety of patients, staff and visitors. He works with paramedics, police officers and hospital personnel in dealing with people who need physical or mental medical attention. At times, he assists individuals who are confused, agitated or aggressive.

On October 23, 2014, Arthur was recognized with the Front Line Security Officer of the Year award by the ASIS International Toronto Chapter, one of the largest organizations for security professionals. He received this prestigious recognition for demonstrating exceptional customer service and performance in his role as a front line security practitioner. The Front Line Security Officer award honours the efforts being made at the very front end of the security industry by professionals who interact with the public on a daily basis.

Two significant events prompted Arthur’s supervisors to nominate him for this award. First, he responded to a call in which an individual was trying to harm themself.  Arthur provided the support needed by listening and encouraging the person to feel safe until authorities arrived. Less than a week later he effectively diffused a situation involving another individual who had put themself in the way of harm. In both cases, he quickly assessed the situation, listened to the individuals, calmed them down, and provided stability.

At the Law Enforcement & Security Practitioner Award dinner, Paladin Security Human Resources Manager Terran Burke said, “Arthur so deserves this win, not only for saving the lives of so many in several different incidents that warranted his selection, but also because of his dedication to Paladin as a consummate security professional. We are honoured to be in attendance to witness his historic moment and we couldn’t be more proud of his achievements. Well done Arthur!”

Arthur’s advice to students in Loyalist College’s Justice Studies programs is to “Keep striving for your goals, never quit and always be prepared for anything to happen.” Arthur lives and works by his own advice.

Loyalist College is currently accepting applications for Justice Studies programs, starting in September 2015. During a common first year with four different Justice Studies programs, students gain insights into human behaviour and Canada’s social and political structures. The programs offer the flexibility to transfer directly into Year Two of Community and Justice Services, Police Foundations, Customs Border Services, or Protection, Security and Investigation. To book your Student for a Day experience, visit