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Loyalist College TVNM Feature Screening

February 24, 2014

New this year, Loyalist College students will be part of Belleville Downtown DocFest, with a Feature Screening on February 27th from 6-7:30pm in the Kente Building’s Alumni Hall.  Eleven student teams from the Loyalist College Television and New Media program (TVNM) will screen their ‘FourSquared’ films and receive feedback from a panel of established local filmmakers.  Paul Papadopolous, a Professor of the TVNM program notes that it’s “a fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase their work and I hope that this becomes an annual event that our students can benefit from.” DocFest’s Dug Stevenson concurs, “We talk often about how important the local films are to the festival, so to be able to partner with Loyalist College and the TVNM program to screen student work is a great extension of that and we look forward to continuing to do so in future years.”

These films are an important part of Advanced Field Production, a course that puts to work field production techniques to create short-form documentaries about issues, people and places in the local area for Loyalist’s online series, ‘FourSquared.’ Students work in teams of four to research, pitch, write, film and edit their four minute documentaries, with guidance from faculty at each step in the process.

The Loyalist College Television and New Media program is unique in Ontario and delivers a full spectrum of skills including television production, digital filmmaking, web streaming, podcasting and DVD authoring. The program was designed to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding field of content creation for television and new media. Consultation with an advisory committee of national industry leaders ensures the program reflects changes in this ever-evolving industry.

Students prepare for current industry conditions with hands-on, high-definition equipment and facilities and produce creative content on multiple platforms, broadcasting across Canada and to the world.

This Featured Screening is free and does not require a DocFest Festival Pass.


1) Belleville Memorial Arena and Downtown Preservation Debate:

Rob Howsam:
-Director/ DOP
-Port Perry Ontario
-Love working with a project throughout the whole process and being heavily involved in the creativity behind a video. This video definitely tested my ability to be flexible and change directions when different leads or ideas didn’t pan out. The whole process was a huge eye opener to the importance of time management as well as the huge task of creating a documentary even as short as this. I am very proud of our final product and will take these lessons I have learnt into bigger better projects for which I know I am now better equipped to take on.

Brandon Zambonelli:
-Oshawa Ontario
-Brandon is always fun to work with. He is hard working and is great for feedback on anything one might ask. He is always looking to learn more and more to help master his craft and keeps a very optimistic and open attitude which is key to success in these projects as well as the real world industry. He played a big role in the final product with his skills as an editor as well as his ability to provide new ideas and help shape the story.

Keenan Clarry:
-Kingston Ontario
-Keenan was involved with most of the process. Keenan was in charge of audio as well as stepped in to film when needed. Keenan was always ready to go to work and was extremely helpful with providing drives to shoots as well as the odd Timmy’s run.

2) The Show Must Go On
How has live, volunteer-based community theater fared in these modern, high-tech times? Losing one of the most important elements in keeping our towns and cities bustling with business and culture may sound bleak, but it may also be the future. This film explores that possibility.

Joshua Rohrback (Director) – A native of Belleville, Ontario, Josh is focusing his career in Post video and sound, with hopes of getting involved in Docudrama production and educational programming.

Samuel Scott (Producer) – Samuel, also a Belleville native, looks to make a career as a graphic artist for film and television. If he’s not busy setting keyframes, you’ll find him buried in a book.

Ernon Schneeberger (DoP) – Ernon is an aspiring cinematographer from Bancroft, Ontario. With all the skills he has learned over the course of three years in the Television & New media Production program at Loyalist College, he hopes to work in film after he graduates.

Jennifer Gillespie (Editor) – Jennifer hails from the GTA and looks forward to building her career there in a studio environment…away from the cold!

3) The Real Face of Invisible Illnesses
Director/Producer: Annaliese Heissler
Assistant Producer: David Lavender
Editor: Cameron Langille
Camera: Matthew Alexandropoulos and Cameron Langille

Annaliese Heissler is an emerging director and hopes to one day direct feature films. Her goal is to direct films with good stories and positive messages.

David Lavender is a TVNM student who loves filmmaking. He hopes to work as an editor and travel overseas in his career.

Cameron Langille is a third year TVNM student who has a lot of ambition to break into the TV industry. He hopes to be a DOP or editor on a TV show.

Matty Alexandropoulos is a third year TVNM student who hopes to one day have a beautiful wife and make a six-figure salary.

4) Bingo Doc Fest 
Documentary about the growth and decline of Bingo in today’s society.

Jessica Pearce is a TVNM Student who wants to work in the local TV industry and freelance, creating promotional videos for companies and become a professor at Loyalist College in the TVNM Program.

David Lavender is a TVNM Student who loves filmmaking, wants to work as an editor, and hopes to travel overseas in his career.

5) Glory of Sport
A speed skater with an intellectual disability, Down syndrome, looks for acceptance in her peers and is also in the pursuit for gold

Russel Westlake was the camera operator for this production. He is from Barrie, Ontario and hopes to be a director some day.

Rob Popovski was the audio operator. From Sutton, Ontario he one day wants to be an excellent camera operator.

Mitch Hounslow edited this piece together. Born and raised in Belleville, Ontario and one day wishes to be a great editor.

Bradley Hart is the director of this documentary. Grew on the east side of Ottawa, Ontario would like to work for a sports broadcasting company as a producer.

6) Belleville’s Revitalization takes a look into the many different perspectives in the downtown core.

Matt Clark – Camera – Matt Clark is a second year TVNM student who is specializing in camera and lighting.  He one day hopes to be writing/directing for film.

Samantha Jackson – Editor – Samantha Jackson is a second year student at Loyalist College. She hopes to work in post production after graduation.

Christian Cantarutti – Director – Christian Cantarutti is a second year student who hopes to work in motion design and post production after graduation.

7) Magic: The Gathering
This is a documentary on how a group of people, who may share only one interest, come together to bring hope to a fellow member who has suffered an accident. It’s not about Magic, it’s about the Gathering

Rob Popovski: Director- Rob is a passionate TVNM student who is looking to see his name in the credits.  He hopes to be a camera operator one day in the industry.
Mitchel Hounslow: Camera Operator- Mitch is a hardworking TVNM student who knows how to keep every day an enjoyable one. He aspires to be a great Editor.
Russel Westlake: Editor- Russel is a hard worker and can make every shoot worth going to.
Bradley Hart: Audio Operator- Brad is a TVNM student who aspires to make it big as an Audio Operator in the Industry

8) Sharing With Social Media
Sharing with social media is about artists and how they utilize social medias to share their work and help the community and spread their name and work to the masses.

Kris Haynes (Director) A Kris with a vision to create and tell great stories. Always on the hunt for the hook that’ll lure you in.

Christoph Blaschke (DOP) A Chris who hardly talks, but makes up for it with a great ability to capture amazing images. Always searching for that final shot to make an awesome sequence.

Chris Gillis (Editor) The final Chris, or CPG as we all know him by, is and editor with an eye for perfection. The world could be ending and Chris would still be editing away never flinching until the jobs done.

9) They Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan 
The Bay of Quinte was considered a pollution hotspot long ago. Find out what’s being done to clean and preserve the bay and how it affects everyone in the region.

Director: Nathan Mongeon: a young film student from a small farming suburb. He has a passion for film and is aspiring to do great things for the world

Camera/DOP: Jasmine Papoutsis: Is a young film student at Loyalist. She has dedication, motivation and a passion for fashion.

Audio: Alex Farmer: A returning second year of film. He’s a lazy goofball but he gets the job done.

Editor: Mauricio DeSouza: An aspiring Director of Photography in film school. With his keen eye any shot you need he can grab it and probably make it better.

10) Electric Avenue
Electric Avenue focuses on Electric Vehicles and the charging stations that support them throughout the Bay of Quinte and across Canada.

Jordan Cutting: Director, Editor, Cameraman
Jordan Cutting is a TVNM student who is extremely interested in camera operation and motion graphics. An aspiring Art Director or DOP, Jordan plans to pursue a career in Sports Broadcasting.

Taylor Welsh: Audio, Cameraman
Taylor Welsh is a TVNM student who enjoys being a Director and Editor. Taylor is interested in Sports Broadcasting and volunteers when he can.

11) “The County Scene”
Directed by: Brandon Zambonelli
Editor: Rob Howsam
Camera Operator/Audio: Keenan Clarry

Rob Howsam (Editor); Rob is an excellent, hard-working individual. He really shows his admiration for this field as well as displays a great deal of commitment. He is very relaxed in his environment, which makes him fun and easier to work with. I’m glad Rob was my editor for this piece. Without him, I would definitely not have the same end product.

Keenan Clarry (Camera); Keenan was involved with the filming process of the documentary. He showed some admiration for the story itself. Keenan was present for most of the shoots that had taken place. He’s a fun person to work with and he knows when to get serious and complete the task at hand.

Brandon Zambonelli (Director); I feel that as a director I accomplished the documentary just as I had envisioned it. The story structure obviously changed numerous times, but definitely for the better. Filming this documentary has been the best and most memorable experience yet. It was super fun to put together as well as meeting all these really awesome people in the process. I couldn’t be happier with the end product and I’ll always remember this experience.