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Loyalist Grad Moves Career Forward

January 30, 2014

There’s comfort to be found in what we know – our families, friends and the communities we grow up in. Within this comfort zone we sometimes develop reservations about stepping outside these areas – in particular when it involves employment opportunities that require relocating to another city or province.


Andrew Meiboom grew up in Frankford, Ontario and graduated from Trenton High School. He chose to attend Loyalist College and graduated with his Business Administration diploma in 2010, followed by advanced diplomas in Human Resources and Operations Material Management in 2011. His first job was a six-month contract with Trenton Cold Storage as a human resources coordinator.  Then, he stepped outside the comfort zone.


He accepted a position with Hays Specialist Recruitment in their Mississauga office as a recruitment consultant for construction companies throughout the greater Toronto area. Andrew worked at Hays for a year and a half, observing how the construction industry handled human resources issues – from field staff to upper management concerns. Then Ledcor Construction, a Canadian-based company that operates throughout Canada and the United States, posted a human resources coordinator position in their industrial division. This was exactly the opportunity Andrew had been preparing for. His construction HR experience was the perfect fit and this March will mark his one-year anniversary with Ledcor. 


By opening himself to the employment opportunities beyond his local area, Andrew is now enjoying a career that provides him with a wealth of new experiences. He works in Alberta, yet lives in Toronto, a rewarding combination that enables him to optimize his career growth and retain his Ontario connection. He flies back and forth for his shifts – working 14 days and then returning to Toronto for seven days off.


“This has been an exciting decision,” said Andrew. “I meet new people from across the country, working in many different environments. I work on project sites in remote locations and I’m responsible for onboarding all new employees. My portfolio includes payroll and benefit inquiries, liaising between HR in head office and on-site employees. Disciplinary matters such as incident investigations and progressive disciplinary actions are part of my role.


“Not everyone has the flexibility to travel or relocate for their career, but I believe that whenever possible, you should take advantage of those opportunities. Even if your ultimate goal is to return home, mobility enables you to gain valuable experience that can give you an edge in competitive work environments. 


“I cannot attribute my career success to mobility alone. Our professors’ commitment to student success, in combination with the hands-on experience we gained through class projects and work placements, prepared me to enter my chosen field with confidence. I never dreamed I would have opportunities like these by the age of 23.”


Human resource management professionals help guide organizations with sound practices – hiring the right people, training personnel to be effective, and developing strategies to motivate individuals and teams. The demand for human resources management professionals continues to rise as business becomes more competitive and legislative changes become more complex.  In September 2013, Loyalist launched a new one-year post-graduate Human Resources certificate program. For further information contact: