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Home News Release Loyalist Students Support Canadian Forces and Their Families Through News From the Home Front Video Project

Loyalist Students Support Canadian Forces and Their Families Through News From the Home Front Video Project

August 30, 2007

A group of five Loyalist College Television and New Media Production students are part of a unique video production called News From the Home Front. The project, created by Paul Lyons, President of Information to Decisions Inc., provides soldiers who are posted away from their families with a video clip of a family event. It could be a birthday party, taking the kids to school, or simply a captured moment that briefly lets them share the daily family activities that are so often taken for granted. The purpose is twofold, a message of love and affection from the family, and a message to all members of the Canadian Forces that we care, appreciate them and are proud of them.

"Even though he doesn’t yet know it, the father will be at his four-year-old’s last day of nursery school," said Niki Martin, student and producer of a recently completed video. "This has been a very hard time for the mother and yet she is so strong, and so excited. What a great experience. You feel good doing it. I love my summer job and I am so thankful I am one of the students my professors asked to be a part of this."

"I was impressed with the professionalism and maturity of the Loyalist video production team," commented Paul Lyons. "In planning the approach the students demonstrated a full understanding of the project, its purpose and the sensitivity required. When I saw them in action they were well-coordinated and efficient, and displayed a high level of skill and knowledge. They were very positive and enthusiastic."

Kathleen Bazkur, is the Loyalist faculty contact for the students. "This is definitely a celebration of technology," she said. "It’s lovely for the families and friends and such a fulfilling project. To see the students having such a great time doing it is very gratifying. It’s really about people connecting with people and a wonderful way to touch the lives of others."

MaryAnn Couture and her son Chad were the first participants in the project. "Being able to make this video was beautiful and I would do it a hundred times over if given the chance," said MaryAnn. "It means so much to know that family members will be able to watch these if their morale is down or they are feeling lonesome for home. We also wanted them to see that we are doing alright and being strong. That’s important also. The students doing this project are fabulous. They are so respectful with the questions they ask and how they ask them. They were patient and undemanding, making us feel very comfortable. I’m telling everyone how phenomenal it was to be a part of this."


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