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Loyalist Welcomes New and Returning Students

September 17, 2007

Loyalist Welcomes New and Returning Students 

This week Loyalist College was alive with activity as 2,800 full-time students registered for the fall semester. With a 12% increase in enrolment, the campus was vibrant with energy as first-year students became familiar with their new surroundings through an extensive program of orientation activities.

Korin Howes

Korin Howes (above) from Cloyne is entering her first semester of the Chef Training program. Loyalist is well known to her family. Her sister is in second year Broadcast Journalism here and her brother is enrolled in the Police Foundations program. "It seemed a little hectic my first day when I moved into residence but I soon got to know my roommates — after that you start connecting with other groups and it just grows from there. I came from a very small school and would have been overwhelmed going to a huge campus in a huge city. Loyalist’s Chef Training program has an excellent reputation and I’ve always been drawn to hands-on learning, it’s a much better way for me to learn that sitting in lecture theatres. Everyone has been so friendly. I was ready for this change from high school and can’t wait to start classes."

Jennifer Bannag


"I’m the first one in my family to leave home so this was very hard for all of us," explained Jennifer Bannag (left), a first-year Biotechnology student from Vaughan, north of Toronto. "I discovered my program on the website and just thought it sounded so interesting. The work placements will be such good experience and the range of job opportunities is huge — forensics, water treatment and food quality control are just a few. That’s why I’m here, to learn the skills that will enable me to get a good job that I enjoy."