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Loyalist Business Graduates Launch Careers They Love

June 22, 2009

Erica Prins works as a Human Resources Assistant at Trenton Cold Storage. Stephanie MacInnes is a Benefits Officer for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada in London. Amy Rose is working in Ottawa, employed by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), as an Olympic Preparation and Games Assistant. These three individuals are graduates of the Loyalist College Business Administration program. Each followed a different route that brought them to Loyalist, yet they all know that Loyalist played a significant role in them acquiring the positions that they hold today.

Erica completed two diploma programs at Loyalist — the first was Fitness and Health Promotion. The business courses she studied in this program prompted her to continue her studies in the Business Administration program. She graduated with a three-year advanced diploma in the Human Resources Management stream of the program. Now her days are filled with a rich variety of responsibilities such as developing reward and incentive programs, recruiting, interviewing and administrating payroll. “Both of the programs that I studied at Loyalist were business oriented and I’m always surprised at how many different concepts I learned and now apply in my job. My studies definitely prepared me for this position. Trenton Cold Storage is a great company to work for.”

With her B.A. from Western University, Stephanie came to the Business Administration program hoping to determine what she wanted to do as a career. Hesitant at first about entering the college community after university, she attributes the support of faculty members as being pivotal in easing her transition and making her studies at Loyalist a positive growth experience. She graduated with a Business Administration – Human Resources diploma in June of 2008.  “I’m excited to be working for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada as a Benefits Officer. I’m basically the final step in the employment insurance claim process. This is definitely a step in the right direction — and I am using the skills I learned through my Human Resources diploma.”

Amy arrived at Loyalist with a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services. She said that she felt unprepared to enter the ‘real world’ so decided to continue her studies in hopes that further education and more life experience would enable her to market herself better in the professional world. “I feel the greatest strength of the Business Administration program is the month-long placement. I really maximized that opportunity, absolutely loved my placement at COC and ended up with my dream job because of it. At this time I am working as an assistant in the operations and logistical end of preparation for the 2010 Games. At the time of the Games my role will change and my job title will be Outfitting Administrative Officer. I will be a member of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Mission Team and will spend five weeks living in the Olympic Village. I will be working in outfitting — helping with the clothing for the Canadian Olympic Team which will include liaising with the National Sport Federations. Without my full-time placement at COC I would never have obtained my fantastic job.”

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