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Loyalist Students Have Full-time Jobs Before Graduation

May 23, 2008

The skilled worker shortage is cause for concern and the need to address this shortfall within our workforce has become a mandate — both provincially and nationally. The positive result of this void is being realized by graduates of Loyalist’s School of Skills Training programs.  They are choosing the jobs they want. Jobs they love — and employers who value the skills and training they have to offer.

Jeremy Braithwaite has just completed the two-year Manufacturing Engineering Technician program and will graduate this June. He is working full-time as an Engineering Technician at Beclawat Manufacturing Inc., a company that designs and fabricates heavy-duty windows and doors for the transit and marine industry. Technology updates of key machine components prompted their need for highly skilled workers.

Derek Morris, Assistant Engineering Manager, at Beclawat Manufacturing Inc., spoke highly of Jeremy’s abilities. “Jeremy is exceptional. I am amazed that he has such a good understanding of what our goals are at this early stage in his career. He has learned how to function our new computer numeric codes (CNC) mill, and has learned a 3D software and a computer-assisted machinging (CAM) package that were previously unknown to him. He is already machining parts of his first big project. Professor John Poste from Loyalist explained that their goal is to give students not just what they need to do a specific job  — but also, the skills to learn in a new environment. The fact that Jeremy is not immobilized because he is working on new equipment is a testament that this philosophy is working.”

“I’m really enjoying my job,” said Jeremy. “I’m improving and streamlining old processes, and developing new ones. I create new things all the time. I feel that Loyalist prepared me for these challenges. Our faculty told us that you can be smart, or you can be intelligent — they were teaching us to be intelligent. We didn’t learn to just find the problem. We learned how to fix it. The College encouraged our drive and supported our independent thinking and reasoning, knowing that these skills would be of great value in our careers.”

Continental Conveyors in Napanee has hired Steve Martin as Materials Coordinator. Steve has just competed the Manufacturing Engineering Technician program and is also a 2001 graduate of Loyalist’s Residential Drafting and Design program. “Each day is different and I really like that. My role is to take the engineering drawings and create CNC codes, allowing the machines to cut the parts used to manufacture conveyors. I learned so much from my program and I believe that one of its greatest strengths is how it teaches students to work well under pressure — that is a definite asset in the working world. The support that Loyalist gives to students is amazing —  whether they are graduating from high school or a returning student as I was. I recommend Loyalist all the time as a great place to get a great education.”

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