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Loyalist’s Media Experience Certificate Program Gives Direction

November 26, 2009

“I was interested in a media career, yet unsure as to which part of the industry I wanted to pursue,” said Graham Berry, a first- year Animation student and graduate of Loyalist’s Media Experience program. “I heard about the Media Experience program and decided it was the perfect way to test the waters and learn more about options within the field of media. Exposure to the range of areas gave me an indication of which one I was best suited to.

“The timing was great. The program began in January so I was able to complete the certificate program by June, work over the summer — then begin the Animation program in September. Yes, it was the Animation module in the Media Experience program that captured my interest. I worked with the faculty from the Animation program, talked to them about the courses and employment opportunities, and actually had a taste of what it was like to create something in a field that I have loved all of my life. Media Experience helped me to find a field of study that’s a great fit for me while giving me a good general knowledge and respect for the other areas.”

JoAnne Wilson, coordinator of the Media Experience program, described it as an innovative introduction to the media world and college life. “We give the students a taste of all of the media options offered at Loyalist including experience in animation, creating podcasts, producing radio spots, writing news features, shooting television segments and developing DVDs. Our goal is to offer them a media smorgasbord that is experience and project based — courses are taught in a module enabling the students to complete something by the end of each one.”

“I had always used words and had no idea that I could use photos to creatively tell stories,” said Mark Tarnovetsky, a first-year Photojournalism student and a Media Experience graduate. “I learned so much — even things about myself, in the team environment of the Media Experience program. I discovered not only the field I wanted to enter — I also became aware of the areas that were not for me. I believe in the importance of socializing and networking. Now I am working with other students pursuing photojournalism, but I have also had the opportunity to work with my peers in Media Experience. This has helped me to start building a network of individuals within the media industry.”

“Media Experience students are taught by faculty from across the College’s media programs,” added JoAnne Wilson. “They start in January and in five-months time they graduate with a certificate with which they can either accept a preferred place in one of Loyalist’s Media Studies programs or enter the workforce with an understanding of the media world.”

In addition to the Media Experience program, seats are available in January program starts in the Accounting, Business, and Business Sales and Marketing programs.