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Getting Connected — Opportunities and Resources for Loyalist Students

September 25, 2008

Students who are new to Loyalist College and the Belleville community discovered that there are many opportunities and resources available to make their college experience a successful and positive one. The College hosted  Getting Connected,a one-day event with representatives from the College and community organizations. Students were able to speak with the representatives and learn more about their services; for example many areas of the College hire students on a part-time basis throughout the year. Getting Connected made it possible for the students to discuss these positions and submit their resumes.

Carissa Cosgrove, a second-year Print Journalism student

“There are so many resources here that students will find worthwhile during their time at Loyalist,” said Carissa Cosgrove, a second-year Print Journalism student. “You don’t just learn about the College. You also discover things about the community that make living here much easier — especially first-year students who are away from home for the first time. Last year when I came to the fair I found out that there were many part-time jobs right here on campus. These jobs are fabulous. I worked in the International Centre, the Student Success Centre and with the School of Media Studies. These positions were much more than just the obvious pay cheque. They heightened my awareness of how the different College departments interact with each other and the access that students have to so many things here. This has been very helpful to me as a student. Perhaps, most importantly, these positions broadened my sense of community within the College and gave me a strong sense of belonging.”

The community services that participated in the fair included financial institutions, phone services, employment centres, service groups and health facilities. The College network encompassed areas such as Student Success Services, The Aboriginal Resource Centre, Disability Services, Financial Aid, IT Services and Peer Tutoring.Each area had a representative present to answer the students’ questions and demonstrate how they could be of assistance.

“Our goal was to highlight the opportunities and resources for students within the College and the Quinte area and I think we did that successfully,” said Jodie Russett, Co-ordinator, Student Success.  “It’s not only first-year students that benefit from this event. All of the students are in the midst of adjusting to the routine of new class schedules. It is difficult for them to visit a number of different places to gather the information they need for the upcoming year. Getting Connected saves them valuable time as they can accomplish many of these things all in one place. It’s very exciting when you see the range of support available. Each student has different needs and I think this event shows that Loyalist recognizes that and is dedicated to making every effort to help them succeed.”