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Nursing Faculty at Loyalist Key to Students’ Success

February 24, 2010

“Being able to experience an introduction to nursing in a small college environment was valuable in so many ways,” said Rochelle Lloyd, a third-year student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Brock University and Loyalist College collaborative program. In the four-year Baccalaureate Degree program students attend Loyalist College for the first two years — then complete years three and four at Brock University, in St. Catharines.

“My favourite part of being at student at Loyalist was the professors. They not only knew my face and my name — they knew my strengths and weak points — and they worked with me to maximize my potential. They saw the things that I was passionate about and encouraged me. The support that I received from the nursing faculty and the clinical instructors at the college helped me become confident in my practice and passionate about nursing.”

Rochelle said the support from her Loyalist professors continued as she made the transition to Brock. “The Loyalist faculty let my classmates and me know that we were still their students. Our successes are their successes too. It amazes me how supportive the faculty is — they continue to be interested in what we do, where we go and the types of nurses we become.

“I feel that having the opportunity to experience the sense of community at Loyalist College was a tremendous gift. The lessons I learned there, and the belief they had in me, are things that I carry with me and use every day in my studies at Brock. They helped me build and define the foundation of who I am as a nurse and for that I am very grateful.”

The Brock University and Loyalist College B.Sc.N. program offers an innovative curriculum based on current standards and best practices. The combination of hands-on practice and academic excellence has been recognized by The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Board of Accreditation, which awarded both the program and Loyalist College a seven-year accreditation — the highest award possible. Students graduate from the four-year program with a B.Sc.N. awarded by Brock University.

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