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Notes from a Loyalist Placement Student

May 07, 2008



By: Elysia Brooks, Loyalist Advertising student and Marilyn Warren, Communications, Loyalist College


Each of the diploma programs offered at Loyalist College includes a minimum of one work placement. This provides students with the exciting opportunity of applying their new skills in a real-world setting — adding depth to their resume and valuable contacts within their chosen career. Elysia Brooks will be graduating from Loyalist’s Advertising program in June and spent four weeks as a copywriting intern at Acart Communications in Ottawa. Here’s a glimpse of her experience.


Notes from Elysia — Week One:

“I was given the opportunity to work on headlines and some copy for three large clients. I helped come up with a list of tag lines for one of the clients to better convey their store brand. After brainstorming and compiling a list of tag lines I was thrilled to be allowed to sit in on a meeting with the client and tell him my ideas in person. That client meeting was the best part of my entire week. They let me stay for the remainder of the meeting while they discussed media buying and space. I learned so much during that two-hour meeting. The client seemed to enjoy having an intern there and hearing my perspective. Being in an ad agency feels great. Everything is extremely laid back and everybody is constantly throwing about creative ideas. It’s a great atmosphere to be in.”


Week Two:

“Every Friday morning here at Acart someone is responsible for bringing breakfast to the office. They do this alphabetically. Today was P, so lucky Patrick got to bring breakfast! Now, let’s rewind to the beginning of the week. I started a project of gathering staff bios with one of the junior copywriters. Meeting with my half of the ten big players was great. Just seeing their list of clients, past and present, and some of the things they have worked on was very exciting. I also did some case studies that are completed after a campaign. We take the creative brief from the client and write up a case study with a detailed description of the client, what they wanted, what they received and how successful it was.”


Week Three:

“This Friday two people thought it was their day to bring breakfast — stupendous! We had bagels and pastries as far as the eye could see. I helped put together a slide show and speaker’s notes for a client and received several compliments on my contributions. I also had the chance to research an anti-idling and renewable fuels campaign. We watched a DVD of the world’s best commercials. There are some hilarious commercials and also some extremely emotional ones. I’m glad I got to watch it. I feel like my time here is flying by.”


Week Four:

“An account coordinator came running to my supervisor, talking a mile a minute about proposals and emergency case studies. I was suddenly in charge of three emergency case studies that needed to be finished ASAP. Finally my hours of case study writing skills were put to use and I had them finished by end-of-day — or so I thought. They needed to be reviewed by the Vice President of Client Services. Up to the sixth floor I went. He was pleased but alas, he wanted them read over by the Creative Director/Senior Copywriter/Supervisor, Tom. Down to the fifth floor. He suggested some minor changes. In the meantime, the account coordinator sent me an abundance of e- mails asking when to expect them. Tom took another look. I thought I was finished, but oh no! They needed to have a final proof by the editor/proofreader. Finally the case studies were complete and ready for the proposal. My internship has been a learning experience that nothing can compare to — it really completed the whole program. It’s the ending to the two-year story that I have been a part of as a Loyalist Advertising student. What a perfect ending to have.”