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Media Experience Program Helps Loyalist Students Define Career Path Choices

October 15, 2010

“The Media Experience program at Loyalist is like a ‘taste-tester’ — giving students the opportunity to explore different types of media studies and career opportunities,” said Professor Michelle Grimes. “It’s a two-semester certificate program that begins in January and is perfect for the individual who is interested in media but unsure of the specific path they want to pursue.”

Students enrolled in the program gain a hands-on, creative overview of the diverse range of opportunities within the field of media. The unique integrated learning experience is built around three projects, developed in workshops and labs in which students observe, practice and implement new skills under the supervision of faculty and guest instructors. The fundamentals of design, media writing, visual storytelling and presentation are emphasized.

“In high school I discovered that I loved media studies but could not decide on my field of focus,” said Kevin Mitchner, a first-year Television and New Media Production student and a graduate of the Media Experience program.  “The program enabled me to gain a range of experience and determine the field I was most passionate about. Initially I was drawn to television. By the end of my two semesters I knew this would be a great fit and that editing was my niche. The guest speakers, job shadowing, and the opportunity to spend a month in the field of my choice, made me confident that I was making the right post-secondary decision when I enrolled in Television and New Media Production.”

Grace Scutella graduated from the Media Experience program in June 2010 and is now a student in the Loyalist post-graduate Public Relations program. “ The faculty in the Media Experience program is amazing and I feel fortunate to have been able to learn from their varied experience.  I was interested in PR but it was not until I took this program that I realized I wanted to focus within the television and film industry.”

“During the first semester students try a little of everything — graphics, video, audio, radio, animation, journalism and advertising,” Professor Grimes explained. “Students work on three in-class projects and participate in workshops. There are three faculty project managers who oversee the projects — and other faculty from the School of Media Studies conduct introductory workshops. By the end of the first semester the students have a robust online portfolio developed from the projects.”

The second semester is when students identify the area they are most interested in and work with a faculty advisor with related experience. The goal is to prepare them to enter the first year of their chosen program with more confidence and a better understanding of that sector of the industry — or obtain employment involving entry-level requirements within the media field.

Media Experience attracts people from many walks of life — some directly from high school, others looking for career changes after being in the work force.

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