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Orientation 2008

September 03, 2008

This week Loyalist is alive with activity as new and returning students register for the fall semester. First-year students are becoming familiar with their new surroundings through an extensive program of orientation activities. On Tuesday students and staff gathered on the College grounds, standing in position to spell out Loyalist for an aerial view photo. This photo will be posted on Fun with drums followed as Treefrog Percussion encouraged everyone to be part of the beat.

Google Earth Photo



Tannisha Ross, 1st year Child and Youth Worker “Loyalist is really welcoming. It is a great College and since I am from Belleville I am saving so much money by going here. I’m really in a win-win situation.”

Tannisha Ross, 1st year Child and Youth Worker

“I attended the University of Toronto for one year but the program wasn’t what I was looking for. I was interested in residential architecture, so started looking for a program that would offer that. Loyalist’s program is perfect for me. It’s much easier to find my way around too, not just on campus but in Belleville also. The professors are already starting to learn our names — something that never happened at U of T in our huge classes. The Architectural program here is right on the mark for what I am looking for.”

Mitch Cleary, 1st year Architectural Technology

Mitch is from Peterborough

Amy Christopher, 1st year Child and Youth Worker “I want to stay in the Belleville area and I am really excited about the job opportunities here in this field. I am a graduate of the Esthetics program and have decided that this time I would like to become more involved in student activities. There are many things planned for Orientation Week which is a great way for students to get to know each other.”

Amy Christopher, 1st year Child and Youth Worker