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Passion in Program

January 07, 2013

By Lee McMurray

Whether you want to explore your career options or enhance your academic skills, the General Arts and Science program at Loyalist College has something for everyone. I am proud to be among such an incredibly diverse group of alumni. Our grads are working in education, healthcare, business, technology, and social services, and the list continues to expand and grow every year.

The General Arts and Science program led me to where I am today. I now have the privilege to work with students who are facing similar challenges to the ones that I overcame, and I could not imagine myself doing anything else!

As high school graduation crept closer and closer, I had a terrifying decision to make – what was I going to do with the rest of my life? I was both nervous and cautious as I worried about making the right decision. I sought help through the guidance department at Quinte Secondary School where my guidance counselor recommended the General Arts & Science program at Loyalist.

The program allowed me to keep my options open, which was incredibly important as my future plans were nonexistent; I enrolled immediately.

Prior to starting classes, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the faculty members to create a personalized timetable of courses that reflected my interests and possible career choices. One of the first courses I enrolled in was a career exploration course. After completing a number of assessments and projects, I gained insight into my career options. For me, everything was indicative of teaching.

In my second semester, I had the opportunity to complete a placement within any career area of my choice – naturally, I chose a setting that involved education. I ended up completing three different placements prior to graduation which all emphasized education. I worked with elementary school children at Hillcrest Public School; mature students in the College Prep program at Loyalist College; and adults in a rehabilitation program for alcohol and drug abuse. After having the opportunity to work with students of all ages and abilities, I was certain that I was going down the right path.

In January 2012, I was fortunate enough to realize my career aspirations and join the incredible faculty team which represents the General Arts and Science program. Not only did this group of faculty give me the guidance to choose a career field, but more importantly, they helped me to realize my potential and motivate me to pursue the next level of education. I was unsure that I would ever attend University, and now I have a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) from Trent University and a Master of Science in Teaching from D’Youville College (Buffalo, NY).

Enrolling in the General Arts and Science program at Loyalist College was easily the best decision I could have made because it provided me with the ideal platform to launch into this amazing career!

For more information about the General Arts and Science program or to experience it as part of the Student for a Day program, please contact me at The program starts in January and September 2013.

Lee McMurray is a Loyalist College professor of arts & science and pre-health science.