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Students and Staff Make Positive, Sustainable Choices on Campus

April 24, 2013

Loyalist College encourages staff and students to make more sustainable choices year-round, with a number of initiatives in place on campus. The College recently launched a new webpage dedicated to sustainability, where students can read inspiring posts by Sustainability Blogger Emily, see photos from past events, check out what the College has done to reduce its carbon footprint, and read news releases and articles about current and upcoming sustainability initiatives. 

To inspire students and staff to continue making the College a greener, cleaner environment for their peers, here are five easy ways to be more sustainable every day: 

1. Carry a reusable water bottle with you.

It sounds like an obvious choice, but the truth is many students and staff members still buy bottled water. With 15 hydration stations conveniently placed on campus, free, filtered water is available anywhere, anytime. 

2. Bring your reusable mug.

Many students and staff may not know that Aramark Food Services charge a flat fee of $1.28 to fill a reusable mug with any hot beverage in the cafeteria. The initiative is called ‘Lug a Mug’. The Tim Hortons on campus also gives a ten-cent discount for filling a reusable mug. 

3. Carpool or take the bus.

Since many students and staff likely share the same schedule, carpooling is an excellent way to save money while reducing your carbon footprint. Loyalist employees can even take advantage of the newly designated carpool spaces on campus.

If carpooling isn’t an option, consider taking the bus to Loyalist. The cost is $4.50 round-trip per person, or $2.25 each way. Loyalist students save ten percent on monthly bus passes with a valid student ID, and semester-long bus passes are also available at a special, discounted rate. 

4. Recycle. 

With 48 of these units across campus, recycling has never been so easy. The large, gray recycling containers help separate food and beverage containers, paper and waste.  Each container even has a list of acceptable materials to help properly sort materials. 

5. Use less paper.

With technology always advancing, it’s getting easier to reduce paper waste. Thinking twice before hitting the print button can help to reduce the amount of paper used on campus. In the classroom, some professors choose to email hand-outs rather than printing them. Many students who have laptops or tablets use them to take notes in class rather than using a paper notebook. Products made with recycled materials are an excellent alternative, which is why the Xerox Print Centre on campus uses 30 percent recycled fiber paper.

Here are some other suggestions to make Loyalist more sustainable:

  • Make sure bathroom taps are turned off completely;
  • Shut off the lights when leaving an empty room;
  • Turn off your car when waiting to pick someone up;
  • Park farther away instead of circling the parking lot for a closer space;
  • Bring food in plastic containers that can be washed and reused;
  • Smoke in designated areas so others can share the air;
  • Respect the scent-free environment by wearing less perfume or cologne; and
  • Pick up litter rather than walking past it.

For more information about what Loyalist is doing to become a leader in sustainability, visit Sustainability.