Indigenous Resource Centre

The Indigenous Resource Centre was established at Loyalist College to ensure appropriate support for Indigenous students on campus and to act as a liaison between College administration, Indigenous communities and government agencies. The orientation of the Indigenous Resource Centre is holistic in approach. 

Our goals

  • To introduce students to the requirements of College life
  • To maximize the opportunities for students to realize their full academic and personal potential
  • To provide a friendly environment in which students can further cultural activities in order to express and develop their Indigenous identity
  • To facilitate student participation in the overall life of the College community

A large portion of the Indigenous population consists of young adults requiring a college education. However, many Indigenous students find the adjustment to college a difficult process. This transition is made easier through the friendship, assistance and services provided by the Indigenous Resource Centre.

Our student services

  • Pre-admission counselling to prospective students about admission, transcripts, funding and program planning
  • Orientation for new students
  • Academic and individual counselling for students presently enrolled at Loyalist College
  • Referral of Indigenous students considering other avenues of post-secondary education to other institutions
  • Remedial and Indigenous peer tutoring and mentor referral
  • Assistance to the Indigenous Students’ Circle for special activities and events
  • Study space, including computers, printers, Internet and email, video and text library, and current Indigenous newsletters and papers

The Indigenous Resource Centre retains a strong internal rapport with Loyalist College by:

  • Acting as liaison between the Indigenous community and the College
  • Providing information on Indigenous-related issues to other College departments
  • Setting up information workshops and seminars within the College
  • Referring students to other departments and services

Community liaison

The Centre maintains communication with outside agencies, educational institutions and Indigenous communities by:

  • Contacting Indigenous organizations, elders and community groups and informing them of activities within the College
  • Providing the Indigenous community with information about the College and off-campus courses
  • Visiting senior high schools, territorial vocational centres and colleges within southern Ontario
  • Arranging on-campus tours and orientation sessions to encourage Indigenous participation at Loyalist College

Indigenous Circle on Education

The critical mission of the Indigenous Circle on Education is to encourage the development of a College environment that will assist in obtaining full access, participation and success for Indigenous students in Loyalist College programs. The Indigenous Circle will ensure that all Indigenous programs and targeted support services of Loyalist College address the educational needs of the Indigenous community. The Council will bring a unique Indigenous perspective and voice to the College.

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Paul Latchford
Coordinator, Indigenous Services
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Indigenous Resource Centre
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Loyalist College
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