PARKING RATES 2019/2020 (incl. HST)

Loyalist College Parking Map

Assigned Parking Lots P5, P6, P6a, P7, P8 P1, P2, P3, P4, P8, P9
Annual $325 $175
Semester $235 $135
Annual Reserved $660 $660
Indigenous Annual $302 $162.61
Indigenous Semester $218.36 $125.44
30-Day $135 $78
Daily $5 $5
Two-Hour (Visitor Parking Only) $2 $2


Parking permits may be ordered online beginning August 13, 2019 through the myLoyalist portal. Debit and credit card payment is accepted online. Cash payments for online orders are accepted at the Service Desk

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Parking Permit Pick-Up

Once ordered, parking permits are available for pick-up at the Service Desk beginning on August 13, 2019. Please provide proof of purchase.

Two-hour Visitor permits and Daily permits may be purchased directly from the guard at the guard house located near the main entrance off of Wallbridge-Loyalist Road.

Replacement Fee

A fee of $65 will be charged for a replacement permit when reported lost or stolen.


Sponsored Students

Sponsored students may pick up their permit at the Service Desk. Please note that sponsored students will be provided with the option of ordering a SPONSORED STUDENT permit only. If you are a sponsored student and your sponsor is paying for your parking permit, but you are not provided with the option of ordering a Sponsored Student permit online, please contact Accounts Receivable or the Service Desk.

Indigenous Staff and Students

Staff and students who qualify for tax-exempt permits must provide a validated parking permit order receipt prior to picking up their permit. Parking permit order receipts will be validated at the Indigenous Resource Centre upon Proof of Status. Please visit the Indigenous Resource Centre in 3H9 Monday to Friday, 8 am – 4 pm.


Staff and students have the option of purchasing assigned reserved parking spaces upon request. Special permits are issued for reserved parking and allow you to park in the same reserved space throughout the academic year. These spaces are sold at a premium rate. Request your own assigned reserved parking permit online for pickup at the Service Desk.


Parking infraction notices will be issued to vehicles in accordance with the Loyalist College campus policies. 

Fines associated with parking infraction notices issued by Loyalist College may be paid:

Non-payment of fines may result in a hold being placed on student accounts. A $10 surcharge will be applied to all fines not paid or appealed within ten (10) days of issuance of the parking infraction notice.

VIOLATION FINE RATE – EARLY (within 7 days) FINE RATE – SET (7 – 10 days)
Parking – Ticket not Properly Displayed $20 $30
Parking Where Prohibited $20 $30
Parking in a “No Parking” Area $20 $30
Parking  in a Handicapped Space Without Proper Handicap Permit $305 $305
Parking that Obstructs Snow Removal $75 $75
Parking in a Fire Route $75 $75


Parking infractions may be appealed online within ten (10) days of issuance of the parking infraction notice.

To proceed with an appeal: