What is the Campaign for Loyalist College?
The Campaign for Loyalist College is a fundraising campaign in support of the College’s need to complete and equip the $16.6 million Bay of Quinte Skills Centre, and establish additional endowment and student awards. 

Is it common to approach the community?
Yes. Colleges are vital to their surrounding communities, and we must work together to ensure economic stability now and into the future. Loyalist College is an important contributor to the well-being and prosperity of the Quinte region, providing the skilled workforce essential to the region’s economic growth and development. 

How will my gift to the Campaign be used?
Unless specified for endowment purposes, your gift will be used to help purchase new equipment for the Skills Centre. The Campaign for Loyalist College goal is to raise $5 million for equipment and $1 million for endowment and awards in support of student financial assistance.

Who else will be asked to financially support the Campaign for Loyalist College?
Everyone. Members of the Loyalist “family” have already been approached, including the Loyalist Board of Governors, the Foundation Board, community volunteers, employees, retirees, and alumni. We are now asking the public for their support. 

How much should I consider giving?
We ask you to consider a thoughtful gift in proportion to your means. 

How can I make a gift to the Campaign?
Gifts can be made online by clicking Donate Now. There are many donation options available. You can make a one-time gift; or pledge over a period of time. Payment can be made by cheque or by credit card. 

What if I don’t want my name listed anywhere?
You can remain anonymous by checking the appropriate box on the pledge form. Or, you may wish to recognize an individual or group by making an ‘Honour’ gift. Cards and envelopes are available for presentation to the people you are recognizing.

How will my donation be recognized?
The College will recognize all donors through an appropriate Program of Appreciation. 

What happens if my circumstances change before my pledge is paid?
You have three easy options: 

1) Pay the balance;
2) Postpone it until you are able to continue;
3) Cancel the remainder of your pledge. 

I can only give a small amount. How can that make a difference? 
Your support of Loyalist College is important. All gifts count towards our campaign goal. We have the building — the federal and provincial governments invested in the “bricks and mortar,” and we are now looking to our family, friends and the community for assistance to complete and equip the Skills Centre labs, shops and classrooms. 

How will I benefit from the Campaign for Loyalist College? 
As members of our skilled workforce, Loyalist graduates are essential to our community’s economic growth and development. And, as technology evolves at lightning speed, new career opportunities are continually being created. With your support, Loyalist College graduates will be ready to meet them. 

Is my donation tax deductible? 
Yes. All donations to the campaign are tax deductible. 

What are the personal benefits of giving a charitable donation? 
1) See the impact and benefit of the wealth you have worked so hard for.
2) Involve and inspire others to do more and participate in giving.
3) Create a legacy and tradition of philanthropy. 

What are the financial benefits of giving a charitable donation? 
Your charitable tax credit reduces the amount of federal and provincial income tax you pay each year. The system rewards extra giving; the more you give, the larger your tax credit, the less income tax you pay.
 For example:
The Formula for 2011 Ontario Charitable Tax Credits on charitable donations totaling $1,000 for the year:

  • First $200 calculated at 5.05%, amount over $200 calculated at 11.16% – tax credit for donation of $1,000 = $99.38. Combined federal/provincial tax credit for donation of $1,000 = $361.38
  • Your charitable donation of $1,000 costs you $638.20

How much should I consider giving annually? 

Annual Donation Amount Breakdown
Annual Donation Monthly Weekly Daily
$1,000 $83.34 $20.83 $2.74
$3,000 $250.00 $62.50 $8.93
$5,000 $416.67 $104.16 $14.88
$10,000 $833.33 $208.33 $29.76


More information

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Acting Executive Director
College Advancement & External Relations
613-969-1913, ext. 2536