Counselling, Mind and Wellness Services

We’re here to help. At Loyalist we recognize the important role of education in personal growth and enhancing your quality of life. We’re here to support you – academically, socially and personally – with free, confidential Counselling Services and Mind and Wellness Services. Our goal is to help you maximize your potential in a safe and supportive environment. We offer support that:

  • Helps you develop the skills, attitudes, abilities and insights to meet both academic and life challenges
  • Assists you in overcoming personal challenges that may stand in the way of your success
  • Connects you to additional community supports
  • Promotes the wellness of the whole person: emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual and physical

Counselling Services

Loyalist offers a wide range of counselling services to students at no cost. You can explore any issues or concerns you may have in complete confidence. Our Counsellors, Adam Gosney and Julie Millar, are Master-level Social Workers registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and licensed to provide counselling and psychotherapy services in Ontario. Adam and Julie have a wealth of experience to help you define your goals, tap into your own strengths and build opportunities for positive change. They can also refer students to additional or specialized community resources when needed to support a student’s wellness.

Sometimes people aren’t sure what to expect from counselling. Counselling sessions are:

  • Solution focused: the process is collaborative and directed by your goals
  • Self-directed: the counsellor won’t require you to talk about any particular issue but will help you try to decide what is most important
  • Without obligation: you do not have to come more than once but you can come back if you feel it was helpful
  • Confidential and free

It is a good idea to speak to a counsellor if:

  • Challenges in your personal life are interfering with your ability to be successful in your academic life
  • You have a problem that does not seem to go away or is getting worse
  • You are concerned you are being bullied, harassed or treated unfairly
  • You have been or are at risk of being abused (physically, emotionally or mentally)
  • You feel “stuck” and could benefit from another perspective
  • You are referred by a friend, family member, faculty, or other person who has expressed concern for your well-being
  • You are experiencing things that are unusual or make you uncomfortable
  • You have trouble sleeping or are experiencing mood swings, bad dreams or cannot concentrate
  • You are worried about your emotional or mental health
  • Your self-confidence or self-esteem feels under threat

What sorts of problems and issues are dealt with?

There are many issues students bring to counselling, but the list can include matters such as anxiety, anger, depression, feeling out of control, eating disorders, homesickness, bullying and harassment, overwhelming stress, an inability to put limits on substance use or other addictions, sexual or other assault, abuse and mental illness.

mind_wellnessMind and Wellness Services

Student academic success, just as success in the working world, is dependent on balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Mind and Wellness Services can provide assessment, education and referrals to support you in maintaining this balance.

We also offer fun activities and support throughout the year, with:

  • Relaxation and stress management workshops
  • Therapy dog visits
  • Wellness week events
  • Nutrition carts during exam week
  • Free student yoga
  • And more! Connect with us on Facebook

How do I arrange for an appointment?

Drop by The HUB in the upper mezzanine above SAL, or contact ext. 2519.

Other resources

Rainbow Alliance Group

Loyalist offers positive space for alternative sexuality folk. We have a Rainbow Message Board for online communication and a weekly drop-in group. Throughout the year we hold LGBTQ-positive events, open to all, and participate in the annual Belleville Pride Parade. Contact Mind and Wellness Services for more information.

Quit smoking

Loyalist is affiliated with Leave The Pack Behind – an initiative developed by students at Brock U for students who are thinking about quitting or want to help a friend quit. Visit

After-hours support and community referrals

Click here to view a list of after-hours support and community referrals.