Academic Operational Policies

Subject:  Academic Timetables Number:  AOP 208
Issued by:  Vice-President Academic Date Issued:  October 2004
Supersedes:  AOP 208 – Program Timetable/Room Allocation Page:  1 of 1

Loyalist College Scheduling Principles

Block Off Summary

Loyalist College Scheduling Process

June 2018

Academic Timetables


Loyalist College is committed to providing students with a conflict-free timetable that respects the Loyalist College Scheduling Principles, the faculty collective agreement and supports teaching and learning.

Space is a corporate resource to be allocated to instructional activity and other College activity in a manner that balances the quality of program timetables with efficient use of space.

Space use will be reviewed collaboratively by the Academic Schools and the Space Committee each year.

The activity scheduled in a classroom is indicated on the timetable. If another activity is booked in a room that causes a conflict, the scheduled academic activity will prevail. Interdepartmental communication may occur in collaboration with the scheduler and dean’s office to establish events well in advance to ensure conflicts are communicated to relevant managers to be resolved as early as possible.


  1. Academic schools prepare load sheets based on the approved program of study and submit them to the scheduler.
  2. The scheduler enters and validates the data to assure accuracy and distributes draft schedules for review by the academic school.
  3. The academic schools review the draft schedules and submit any required formal change request(s). Interdepartmental communication may be required to resolve some conflicts.
  4. The scheduler uploads approved schedules to the student information system, room allocation software and the ‘P’ drive.
  5. The scheduler will notify the Registrar’s Office when an academic block is available for registration.