Student Forms

Here’s a list of frequently used student forms:

  • Academic Appeal:
    Academic Appeal Form
    College faculty and staff are strongly committed to resolving student concerns at the informal level. However, in the event that it is not possible to resolve the concern through the informal process, students may choose to pursue a formal Academic Appeal.

  • AccessAbility Services:
    AccessAbility Services Application
    The AccessAbility Services team is committed to providing academic supports to students with documented disabilities. Services are free, voluntary and confidential.

  • Completion Letter:
    Completion Letter Request Form
    Use this form to request that a letter of completion be sent to your Loyalist email. Please note that this letter can only be requested after you have successfully completed your final semester.

  • Convocation Letter:
    Convocation Letter Request Form
    Use this form to request that a Convocation letter be sent to your Loyalist email. This letter can be used to show the convocation dates when required for work or inviting relatives. Please note that this letter can only be requested in your final semester. (Those who graduated after July 2019, who have not had the chance to attend an in-person convocation ceremony, may also request this letter).

  • Course Add/Drop: Please contact to make an appointment with a Student Success Mentor.

  • General Education Spring 2022 Registration Forms:
    General Education Registration Form
    This form is to be used by students requiring an off-cycle GNED or needing more than one GNED in a semester.  If the GNED is part of your program semester, please use the General Education Registration portal through your myLoyalist account. Off-cycle GNEDs may result in additional fees.  International Students must pay fees in full prior to registration.
    Recovery GNED Registration Form
    This form is only for students who are missing one or more of the required GNED courses to graduate this June.  These are accelerated 5-week recovery classes.  Students who are not otherwise eligible to graduate in June do not qualify for the recovery GNEDs. Off-cycle GNEDs may result in additional fees.  International Students must pay fees in full prior to registration.

  • Loyalist College Immunization Record:
    Immunization Form
    Please complete this form if your program requires an up-to-date immunization record. This information can be obtained from your public health unit and/or your family physician. Send the completed form to the Loyalist College Student Health Centre prior to the start of the semester.

  • Official Break – For Employment Letter:
    • Loyalist College cannot provide student specific official break letters. We have created a summary of the academic calendar which outlines the standard dates of our study terms and break terms based on start date and length of the program. 
    • International Students are also encouraged to provide employers with a copy of their Letter of Acceptance (LOA) indicating the start/end dates of the academic program and their most recent verification of enrolment letter. They should also provide a copy of their Study Permit which outlines the conditions of their employment. To review the eligibility requirements for working in Canada, employers can also refer to this page on the Government of Canada’s website.
  • Ontario Learn Course Equivalent:
    Loyalist College – Ontario Learn Course Equivalent Form
    This form is used by faculty to give permissions to take Ontario Learn courses in place of in-class courses. It requires your coordinator’s signature.

  • PLAR:
    PLAR Application Form
    Use this form to apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the form before submitting.

  • Transfer Credits or Exemptions:
    Transfer Credit or Exemption Application Form
    Use this form to apply for Transfer Credits or Exemptions. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the form before submitting.

  • Preferred First Name:
    Preferred First Name Request Form
    Please complete this form to request (or change) the use of a first name other than your legal name for your College active directory account. This updates your screen name, username and email address. Preferred name also appears in Blackboard. Students who’ve applied to Loyalist College via the domestic website since October 3, 2020, will already have a Preferred Name in use to create the active directory account.

  • Program Change:
    Program Change Request Form (International Students)
    Please complete this form to request a program change. This form is only to be used by international students. Domestic students wishing to change programs should speak with their Enrolment Services Officer (located in Room 2H1).

  • Release of Information:
    Authorization for Release of Student Information Form
    Complete this form to provide Loyalist with permission to release information to a third party (e.g. parent, guardian or spouse).

  • Verification of Enrolment:
    • Students wanting documentation for international travel purposes are required to register their travel with our International Team to obtain proper travel documents to support entry to Canada.  Specific enrolment documentation for travel will be provided.  Please register your travel plans by completing the online web form and uploading the required documents on the Travel to Canada web page. 
      Verification of Enrolment Request Form
      Fill out this online form to request that a Verification of Enrolment letter be emailed to your Loyalist email if required for any purpose other than travel.

  • Study Permit Extension Letter:
    • If you are required to extend your Study Permit as you will be beginning a new program – you may use your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for the new program. There is no additional letter to provide.
    • If you are required to extend your Study Permit due to course failures and will be extending your studies – please see the International Manager in person for this request. A $25 fee will apply.
  • Leave of Studies – Approved:

    • Students who may be required to request a leave from their studies while in Canada, may request a letter from the International Manager: Only approved leaves will be provided a letter and any leave must meet IRCC regulations and students must provide requested evidence.

  • Withdrawal:
    Please contact Student Success to request a withdrawal from your Program. Student Success services can be reached at
    *International students MUST contact the International Centre to request a withdrawal. The International Centre can be reached at

Please note: Students requiring a letter not listed above will need to submit a request via email. The request will be reviewed for validity and, if granted, students will pay a $25 fee.