Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships

Applications for the Canadian Federation of University Women, Belleville & District – University Bound Mature Female is now OPEN. This application will close at noon on April 23, 2021.

Unless otherwise stated, students must be Ontario residents to qualify.

To see a list of available awards and bursaries click here. 

What’s what?

A scholarship is an award recognizing academic excellence or achievement. In certain cases, financial need may be taken into account as a secondary criterion to decide between candidates of approximately equal achievement.

A bursary is an award that is distributed based on financial need. When applying for a bursary, you must supply a financial disclosure form. Bursaries may also request that applicants meet certain geographical or demographic requirements. All bursaries are presented at the Awards Ceremony in the fall, unless otherwise noted.

An award is a loosely defined term referring to awards that are neither scholarships nor bursaries. In certain cases, awards may be plaques or recognition certificates, while in other cases awards may be professional memberships coupled with cash prizes. All awards are presented at the Awards Ceremony in the fall, unless otherwise noted.

General bursaries, based on financial need, are available from funds set aside from tuition fees. These bursaries are awarded in both November and February. Contact the Financial Assistance Office for further details and an application. Please note that in addition to bursaries, a total of $300,000 is available College-wide through the Loyalist work study program.

Who’s who?

An entering student is an individual who is entering post-secondary education for the first time. An entering student may not necessarily have come straight from high school. An entering student may also be a mature student who is entering college after several years in the workforce.

A returning student is an individual who has completed their first year of studies in a two- or three-year Loyalist College program.

A graduating student is an individual who is completing their two- or three-year program of study at Loyalist College. Many award and scholarship recipients are identified by program coordinators as having excelled in their studies. These awards generally recognize achievement once a student is graduating from Loyalist College.

A post-graduate student is someone who has graduated from a university or college program and is now entering post-graduate studies at Loyalist College.


Loyalist College Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships Application Instructions

Please follow the instructions listed below to submit your information:

1. Before beginning your application please complete the following: 

Sign into and choose the Education and Tax Receipt Icon.


You will be prompted to enter your SIN number. This is required in order for your awards to be processed.

2. Click the $ Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships Icon.

Returning Students 
Your login will be the same one you use to sign in to your Loyalist College portal.  

First Year Students
Your User Name is in the following format:
FirstnameLastname (no spaces)

Your Password will be your date of birth in the YY/MM/DD format. 

If you are a ‘first time user’, it will prompt you for a new user name. This will now be your student number. The new password is your Social Insurance Number. Once this information is set, it should not ask for this again.

3. Log in Screen 
Please type in your student number and Social Insurance Number, then press Continue.     

4. Privacy Statement
Please read the privacy statement and press the Accept button to continue on to the next part of the application. Once you click Accept, there will be a pop-up screen, notifying you that documents may be required to finalize your application. Please click OK to continue. If you press the Decline button, you will be directed to a privacy concern page. This page indicates that you do not wish to submit your personal information online and must go to the Career Centre (Room 2H3) to fill out a paper application.

5.  Personal Information
All fields on this form are mandatory. If you miss entering information and press the Next button, the page will highlight the required field and give a red error message on the top and bottom of the page letting you know what field is missed. Please verify that your email address is accurate as you will be receiving an email confirmation upon completion of the application.

6. Awards, Bursaries & Scholarship Selection Screen
This page will indicate the entire list of Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships for which you may be eligible for based on GPA (Grade Point Average), Gender, Program, Location, Program Year and eligible dates. Please review the Award, Bursary, or Scholarship description to ensure you are eligible before clicking the checkbox. When you are finished, click Next.

7. Financial Information
Please enter your income and expenses on a semester basis. If you are required to submit proof of documents, you can upload these documents to your application by the deadline date. Once you have filled in all the appropriate fields, please hit the calculate button, then click the Next button to continue.

If the system indicates that you are not eligible for bursaries based on your income vs. expenses, please review what you have keyed the correct information. Please continue on with the application, until you get the “Thank you” page.  This will ensure that your information is captured in our database. You can also email after you complete all the information you can for additional assistance.

NOTE:  Based on the information provided in the personal section, the system has calculated your monthly living allowance (see chart below).  The living allowance is comprised of shelter, food, public transportation, and miscellaneous items such as personal & health care, clothing, H/H, cleaning, communication.  The guidelines used are those provided by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. If the amount populated does not cover your monthly expenses, please provide a brief explanation of the shortfall.

Living Allowance Chart:


Per Month

Month x 4 months (semester)

Single Student, Living at home



Single Student, Independent (out of high school 4 years), living at home



Single Student, not living at home



Single Student, Independent (out of high school 4 years), not living at home



Married Student



Sole Support Parent



Allowance for Dependent Children

$555 / per child / month


8. Confirm Your Application Screen 
Please verify the data you have entered thus far. It will list your Personal Information, Awards, Bursaries, Scholarships selected and Financial Information. If all information is correct, please click Continue. If you made an error and need to make a change please click Make Corrections. This will take you back to the beginning of the Personal Information section; continue to click Next until you come to the necessary information to be changed.

9. Submit Information “Thank You” Screen

This page will submit all of your information into the database. It will also indicate additional materials that may be required for specific Awards, Bursaries, Scholarships (resumes, essays, transcripts, etc.). Remember, all this information can be uploaded to your application.  You will receive an automated email message from the system in your email account (to the email address that was submitted on your application) within 24 hours. If you do not receive this email, please contact the Award Officer via email as soon as possible.

**NOTE: Please clearly mark what the necessary documents are for (example: Essay required for the Janet Twiddy Memorial Bursary).

10. Print “Thank You” Screen
It is recommended that you print the final page for your records.

If you have any questions regarding any of this information please feel free to contact the Awards Office, at

NOTE:  The application is time-sensitive and will automatically close at 12 noon on the deadline day noted on the award you are applying to.  If additional documentation is required to be eligible (e.g. resumes, letters of reference, etc.), this material must be submitted by noon on the deadline date.  Late submission of this material may affect your eligibility.

Please upload all required documents to your application. If necessary, some documents can be emailed to

 Paper documents are not accepted.

External awards

Students are also encouraged to pursue awards that are available in the community and not exclusive to Loyalist College. Please check out the opportunities below.

IODE Ontario Lucy Morrison Memorial Bursary

Bursaries up to $1,000 are awarded to post-secondary students at colleges and universities in Ontario who demonstrate financial need, have completed one full year of study and are Canadian citizens. This bursary is available to students entering the second year of studies.

More details and the link to the application are available here.

ECE Grant Assistance Program

The ECE Grant Assistance Program has two exciting grant opportunities available to students. 

The Early Childhood Educators Qualifications Upgrade Program

This grant is for those already working in the Early Learning and Child Care sector wishing to obtain their Early Childhood Education diploma. We offer the following types of grants to those meeting eligibility criteria in the following forms:

• Education Grant
• Travel Grant
• Training Allowance

The Leadership Grant

This grant is for those who have already completed their diploma in Early Childhood Education and would like to specialize their skills in the areas of Pedagogical Leadership in Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education administration, management, facilities management, fiscal responsibility, governance, human resources, employment standards and labour relations. We offer the following types of grants to those meeting eligibility criteria in the following forms:

• Education Grant
• Travel Grant

Detailed information on both grants, as well as eligibility criteria, can be obtained on our website.

Community Living Walkerton and District

Community Living Walkerton and District is again pleased to offer a bursary for students who are enrolled in full-time post-secondary education, at any level of their studies (for example, first-year, second or subsequent terms). As you will note, this is meant for those whose home base is in Grey or Bruce Counties in Ontario.  

The intention is to encourage all to engage in efforts to help make our communities inclusive of all citizens.

For details and to access the application form, visit and

Ad Standards Scholarship

This $1500 scholarship is open to students enrolled in an undergraduate advertising or marketing program at a Canadian university or college. Successful applicants display a commitment to volunteerism, a record of academic excellence, and an interest in pursuing a career in advertising or marketing.

To learn more about the scholarship criteria and download the Application Form, students can visit

Application Deadline: February 28, 2021.

A Place for Mom Scholarship

A Place for Mom Senior Wisdom Video Scholarship: Five $1,000 scholarships available to students enrolled in an associate’s, bachelor’s, certificate or graduate-level program at an accredited school in the fields of gerontology, medicine, nursing, social work, sociology, psychology, physical or occupational therapy, speech pathology or long-term care administration. 

Scholarships are awarded quarterly and applications are accepted through the end of 2018. Details about video topic and requirements can be found on our Scholarship page.

Application Deadline: Applications accepted throughout the school year. No specific deadline.

Kevin Collins Abilities Scholarship

The Kevin Collins Abilities Scholarship is presented to a post-secondary student with a disability.

For over 17 years, Kevin Collins served as the Executive Director of Friends of We Care, an organization composed of Food Service and Hospitality industry members whose mission is to send kids with disabilities to accessible summer camps across Canada. During his tenure, Kevin led the group in raising over $20.5 million and established a national presence for Friends of We Care.

In February 2017, Kevin accepted the position of President and CEO at Easter Seals Ontario, an organization that assists children with physical disabilities and their families. The move provided Kevin the opportunity to come full circle. He was born with cerebral palsy, attended Easter Seals camps for eight summers and was the first Easter Seals ambassador “Timmy” in 1976.

Kevin’s determination to not let anything stand in his way exemplifies what it means to focus on one’s ABILITY, not disability. Friends of We Care is proud to present this award to a future leader to help them realize their career ambitions.

Interested candidates are asked to submit a completed application form, along with a 1-2 page letter and/or a 1-2 minute video link describing why they should be considered for the Kevin Collins Abilities Scholarship.


One student will be selected on an annual basis.

The scholarship will award $3,000 to the selected candidate.

Students with a disability, who have at minimum of one full semester left in their post-secondary education, are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The application form and letter/video submission must be received by March 27, 2020 to be considered. Please send your package to with the subject line ‘SCHOLARSHIP’.

The winner will be invited to the attend the Annual Friends of We Care Dinner & Awards Gala on May 23, 2020, where they will be presented with the scholarship.

WowAutos’ Scholarship

WowAutos Canada has launched a new scholarship program for students in the fields of engineering, computer science, business, accounting and marketing. 

Please find some information about WowAutos Canada and it’s Scholarship Award below:

WowAutos Canada is a free automotive marketplace for buying, selling and leasing used and new automobiles, aggregates thousands of cars and trucks from over 6,000 car dealers, auction sites and car malls across Canada.

WowAutos is pleased to present the Adversity Beaters’ Scholarship for the deserving national and international students. Further details on application and award can be found here.

Application Deadline: End of December


Garry Douglas Memorial Scholarship – Kawartha Lakes Construction

The award is in memory of Garry Douglas, a dedicated Project Developer and true master in his field who had a mind for tasteful and unique design solutions as well as the structural knowledge required to bring his creations to life.

Garry was deeply loved and respected at Kawartha Lakes Construction. Through this scholarship we hope to carry on not only his love for innovative and sustainable design, but his love of mentoring the next generation.

Who Can Apply:

  • Students in their graduating year of an Architectural Technology related college or university program in Ontario.
  • Minimum 80% GPA

Application Instructions:

  • Proof of enrollment at an accredited Ontario post-secondary institution
  • Proof of 3.0+ GPA
  • A 500-700 word essay addressing the following: Propose an innovative universal design solution for any person-to-person workplace setting incorporating health and safety protocols for COVID.

Deadline: December 1st, 2020

Amount: $1,000

Apply Via Website

Toptal Scholarships for Women

Toptal will award five scholarships to aspiring female leaders in five global regions: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Each winner will receive (US) $10,000 and a year of weekly one-on-one mentoring by a Toptal expert.

The scholarship program is open to anyone with a passion for changing the future, and we welcome applicants from all majors and academic standings.

For more information and to apply, go to

Each scholarship winner will receive a stipend as well as a year of mentorship and guidance from an expert in their field of interest.

Here are the scholarship guidelines:

Application Deadline: Application deadlines depend on which region the applicant lives in. Application timelines are available on the scholarship website.

Hamilton Community Foundation

Chaney-Ensign Bursary  

Provides bursaries to post-secondary students (of any subject) who can demonstrate financial need, and who have graduated from a publicly funded secondary school in Hamilton. Undergrad and postgrad students are eligible.

The online application form can be accessed here.

Application Deadlines: October 1 and February 1

Geritol Follies Bursary

Provides performing arts bursaries to talented and promising students who can demonstrate financial need, are students of voice, drama, dance or musical instruments and who have graduated from a publicly funded secondary school in Hamilton or Burlington. Undergrad and post-grad students are eligible.

The online application form can be accessed here

Application Deadline: October 1

David Davis Memorial Bursary

Provides bursaries to students who can demonstrate financial need, and who are enrolled in a music program at a college, university or institution in Canada, the United States or abroad. Undergrad and postgrad students are eligible.

The online application form can be accessed here

Application Deadline: October 1

More information about applying to each bursary and their eligibility guidelines can be found on our website.

ParentNeed.Com Scholarship is an online parental advice resource and it runs a scholarship program to financially support students who are also parents. They are pleased to announce that they have decided to open this scholarship program to Canadian students this year.

All Students who are currently enrolled at a high school, university, trade school or college are eligible for the scholarship. One lucky winner per year will receive an award of $1,000 to use towards their higher education. Details are available here.

Application Deadline: September 1 – December 1 every year. Winner announced the following year.

Canadian Technical Asphalt Association Scholarships

The CTAA Scholarships are funded by the Canadian Technical Asphalt Association to support students preparing for careers as scientists, technologists or engineers in the general area of asphalt paving technology.

  • CTAA Graduate Scholarship – $2,000 (Available to graduate students)
  • CTAA Undergraduate Scholarship – $2,000 (Available to undergraduate students)
  • CTAA Technology Scholarship – $2,000 (Available to students enrolled in a technical school, community college or CEGEP. Applicants with industrial experience in asphalt technology are encouraged to apply.)
  • 2018 CTAA Application Specifications English Scholarship

For more information, go to

Dr. E. Bruce Hendrick Scholarship Program

Open to Canadian citizens with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus residing in the province of Ontario.

For details, click here.

Application Deadline: Last day of April, annually

AgoraPulse Social Media Management Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship available for emerging social media geniuses. All scholarship information can be accessed at 

Application Deadline: December 15 of each year

Soroptimist International of Peterborough is sponsoring the Live your Dream Education and Training Awards for Women

  • The Live your Dream award assists women in post-secondary education/training programs who provide the primary source of financial support for their families
  • Local Peterborough chapter award: $2,000
  • Local winner can compete for the regional award:  $5,000
  • The regional winner can compete for 1 of 3 international awards:  $10,000

To apply, visit and click on the “Apply for a Program Award” link (Live your Dream)

Application Deadline: January 15 each year

Indspire Scholarship and Bursary

Indspire disburses bursaries and scholarships through its Building Brighter Futures program to Indigenous students who are enrolled in post-secondary programs.

Since 1985, Indspire has disbursed bursaries and scholarships to First Nation, Inuit, and Métis post-secondary students. It is the largest funder for Indigenous education outside of the federal government.

Successful futures are created through hard work, creativity, and perseverance. Each one of us has a unique potential to achieve, and for First Nation, Inuit, and Métis students, Indspire is here to help make that happen.

For more information, or to apply, visit

Application Deadlines: February 1; June 1; November 1

7 shifts’ Education Initiative Scholarship

Two scholarships per year to culinary students. 

The scholarship details and requirements are as follows:

  • $1,000 scholarship for a culinary student
  • Must be a full-time student (any year)
  • Must submit their resume, degree details, and a 1-3 minute video discussing their interest in the restaurant and hospitality industry and email to

The deadline for fall semester admission is Aug 31, 2020 and the deadline for the winter semester is December 31, 2020. 


Rebecca Foreman
Awards Officer
613-969-1913, ext. 2202

Laura Russell
Financial Aid Advisor
613-969-1913, ext. 2425