Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships

What’s what?

A scholarship is an award recognizing academic excellence or achievement. In certain cases, financial need may be taken into account as a secondary criterion to decide between candidates of approximately equal achievement.

A bursary is an award that is distributed based on financial need. When applying for a bursary, you must supply a financial disclosure form. Bursaries may also request that applicants meet certain geographical or demographic requirements. All bursaries are presented at the Awards Ceremony in the fall, unless otherwise noted.

An award is a loosely defined term referring to awards that are neither scholarships nor bursaries. In certain cases, awards may be plaques or recognition certificates, while in other cases awards may be professional memberships coupled with cash prizes. All awards are presented at the Awards Ceremony in the fall, unless otherwise noted.

General bursaries, based on financial need, are available from funds set aside from tuition fees. These bursaries are awarded in both November and February. Contact the Financial Assistance Office for further details and an application. Please note that in addition to bursaries, a total of $300,000 is available College-wide through the Loyalist work study program.

Who’s who?

An entering student is an individual who is entering post-secondary education for the first time. An entering student may not necessarily have come straight from high school. An entering student may also be a mature student who is entering college after several years in the workforce.

A returning student is an individual who has completed their first year of studies in a two- or three-year Loyalist College program.

A graduating student is an individual who is completing their two- or three-year program of study at Loyalist College. Many award and scholarship recipients are identified by program coordinators as having excelled in their studies. These awards generally recognize achievement once a student is graduating from Loyalist College.

A post-graduate student is someone who has graduated from a university or college program and is now entering post-graduate studies at Loyalist College.

Download the 2018/19 Awards Directory

The Bursary Application is now closed for maintenance and updates. The next application cycle is January 4 – 18, 2019.

External awards

Students are also encouraged to pursue awards that are available in the community and not exclusive to Loyalist College. Please check out the opportunities below.

Pretty Photoshop Actions Scholarship

The fourth bi-annual scholarship award is coming up on October 15, 2018.  (April 15, 2019 will be the next deadline)

As a reminder, the full eligibility details and entry requirements for our bi-annual scholarship can be found here. You can also find our last two scholarship winners announced here and here.

Pretty Photoshop Actions is a female owned business and we are fortunate to have served over 200,000 photographers and hobbyists over the past eight years. Our mission as a company is to encourage and inspire others to grow both personally and professionally through their photography journey.

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

WowAutos’ Scholarship

WowAutos Canada has launched a new scholarship program for students in the fields of engineering, computer science, business, accounting and marketing. 

Please find some information about WowAutos Canada and it’s Scholarship Award below:

WowAutos Canada is a free automotive marketplace for buying, selling and leasing used and new automobiles, aggregates thousands of cars and trucks from over 6,000 car dealers, auction sites and car malls across Canada.

WowAutos is pleased to present the Adversity Beaters’ Scholarship for the deserving national and international students. Further details on application and award can be found here.

Application Deadline: End of December

Live Your Dream Award (sponsored by Soroptimist International)

The program begins at the local level where Soroptimist International of Peterborough gives two cash award of $3,500 (1st place) and $1,500 (2nd place) to motivated women who are the primary financial supporters of their family and who are enrolled in a post-secondary educational program, either full or part-time. At the Eastern Canada Regional level, the award winner becomes eligible to win $5,000. The regional winner is then eligible to win $10,000 at the international level. Since 1972, about $30 million has been disbursed to help tens of thousands of women offset their educational costs.

The online application portal can be found at Applicants can click on the Live Your Dream link and create an account. Applicants can return to their form at any time. Additionally, their references can also submit their documents to the application portal.

Application Deadline: Completed applications along with two references must be received by November 15, 2018.

Students are welcomed to contact Joan Ivanov directly if they have any questions or need help filling out their applications. Email: Please put “Live Your Dream” in the subject heading.

Toptal Scholarships for Women

Toptal will award five scholarships to aspiring female leaders in five global regions: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Each winner will receive (US)$10,000 and a year of weekly one-on-one mentoring by a Toptal expert.

The scholarship program is open to anyone with a passion for changing the future, and we welcome applicants from all majors and academic standings.

For more information and to apply, go to

Application deadlines depend on which region the applicant lives in. Application timelines are available on the scholarship website.

Each scholarship winner will receive a stipend as well as a year of mentorship and guidance from an expert in their field of interest.

Here are the scholarship guidelines:

Heer Law Entrepreneurship Scholarship

The Heer Law Entrepreneurship Scholarship, worth $2,000 CAD, was created with the intention to help young entrepreneurs and leaders to learn how to protect their business.

In order to be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be currently attending university or college or set to attend during the 2018 – 2019 academic year;
  • Must provide an application submission, including a business plan for their current or prospective business which includes a section outlining their intellectual property strategy.
  • Must apply via email to and provide their name, address, university or college, major and expected graduation month and year.

For more information about our scholarship, visit this page.

Application Deadline: December 31, 2018

Hamilton Community Foundation

Chaney-Ensign Bursary  

Provides bursaries to post-secondary students (of any subject) who can demonstrate financial need, and who have graduated from a publicly funded secondary school in Hamilton. Undergrad and postgrad students are eligible.

The online application form can be accessed here.

Application Deadlines: October 1 and February 1

Geritol Follies Bursary

Provides performing arts bursaries to talented and promising students who can demonstrate financial need, are students of voice, drama, dance or musical instruments and who have graduated from a publicly funded secondary school in Hamilton or Burlington. Undergrad and post-grad students are eligible.

The online application form can be accessed here

Application Deadline: October 1

David Davis Memorial Bursary

Provides bursaries to students who can demonstrate financial need, and who are enrolled in a music program at a college, university or institution in Canada, the United States or abroad. Undergrad and postgrad students are eligible.

The online application form can be accessed here

Application Deadline: October 1

More information about applying to each bursary and their eligibility guidelines can be found on our website.

SEA Mission Scholarship

SEA (Street Evangelism Association) MISSION INC is a non-profit organization that initially started in 2005 to support those in imprisonment and their families. Since 2011, the SEA Mission has been serving people around the Jane and Finch area who are in need of love, care and financial support.

The goal of SEA MISSION Scholarship program is for post-secondary students who are enrolled in Canadian universities or colleges, and to assist the next generation of Jane and Finch area community leaders with financial support during their academic year. Sponsors of this scholarship programs are a couple of Korean community churches; however, it is available for all post-secondary students who meet our program eligibilities regardless of race or religions. This program supports three students annually with $1,500 per student.

Specifics details can be found at the following link: SEA Mission scholarship Guidelines
The application can be found at SEA Mission scholarship_application

All applications and supporting documents must be received no later than Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST. No applications will be accepted after the deadline regardless of the postmark date. The application including your essay, letter of enrolment and official transcripts to be submitted by email at If you need to send your application by mail, your essay, letter of enrolment, and official transcripts to be sent by MAIL.

Application Deadline: September 23, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST

ParentNeed.Com Scholarship is an online parental advice resource and it runs a scholarship program to financially support students who are also parents. They are pleased to announce that they have decided to open this scholarship program to Canadian students this year.

All Students who are currently enrolled at a high school, university, trade school or college are eligible for the scholarship. One lucky winner per year will receive an award of $1,000 to use towards their higher education. Details are available here.

Application Deadline: September 1 – December 1 every year. Winner announced the following year.

Gears upz in Future

Students that are interested need be 18 years of age to compete for the scholarship on their own. If you are under the age of 18, we will need the permission of your parent or parents, or a legal guardian.

$2,000 for winner and $1,000 for runner-up

We are looking for students who can write to us about their own experience, or an opinion about the below topic:

How does AI – Artificial Intelligent support people in studying and improving working efficiency?

We are looking for the essay to be between 500 – 3,000 words.

Further details are available at

Application Deadline:  October 15, 2018

Final Fantasy Scholarship

A $1,000 Scholarship For Lovers Of Final Fantasy Games.  

The Final Fantasy Fan Scholarship is a highly competitive award for high school and college students who enjoy the Final Fantasy game franchise. You have invested many hours in the world of Final Fantasy, and now you have the opportunity for Final Fantasy to invest in your world!

For scholarship details, click here

Application Deadline: December 15, annually

Canadian Technical Asphalt Association Scholarships

The CTAA Scholarships are funded by the Canadian Technical Asphalt Association to support students preparing for careers as scientists, technologists or engineers in the general area of asphalt paving technology.

  • CTAA Graduate Scholarship – $2,000 (Available to graduate students)
  • CTAA Undergraduate Scholarship – $2,000 (Available to undergraduate students)
  • CTAA Technology Scholarship – $2,000 (Available to students enrolled in a technical school, community college or CEGEP.  Applicants with industrial experience in asphalt technology are encouraged to apply.)
  • 2018 CTAA Application Speifications English Scholarship

For more information, go to

Dr. E. Bruce Hendrick Scholarship Program

Open to Canadian citizens with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus residing in the province of Ontario.

For details, click here.

Application Deadline: Last day of April, annually

AgoraPulse Social Media Management Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship available for emerging social media geniuses. All scholarship information can be accessed at 

Application Deadline: December 15 of each year

Soroptimist International of Peterborough is sponsoring the Live your Dream Education and Training Awards for Women

  • The Live your Dream award assists women in post-secondary education/training programs who provide the primary source of financial support for their families
  • Local Peterborough chapter award:  $2,000
  • Local winner can compete for the regional award:  $5,000
  • The regional winner can compete for 1 of 3 international awards:  $10,000

To apply, visit and click on the “Apply for a Program Award” link (Live your Dream)

Application Deadline: January 15 each year

Indspire Scholarship and Bursary

Indspire disburses bursaries and scholarships through its Building Brighter Futures program to Indigenous students who are enrolled in post-secondary programs.

Since 1985, Indspire has disbursed bursaries and scholarships to First Nation, Inuit, and Métis post-secondary students. It is the largest funder for Indigenous education outside of the federal government.

Successful futures are created through hard work, creativity, and perseverance. Each one of us has a unique potential to achieve, and for First Nation, Inuit, and Métis students, Indspire is here to help make that happen.

For more information, or to apply, visit

Application Deadlines: February 1; June 1; November 1


Joanne Farrell
Awards Officer
613-969-1913, ext. 2202

Laura Russell
Financial Aid Advisor
613-969-1913, ext. 2425