International Student Fees and Refund Policy

Loyalist College recognizes that these are difficult times and we will work with students to resolve issues that are beyond their control on a case by case basis.

Future tuition payments will be required to be paid by Flywire account or Canadian bank transfer. Cash or credit card payments will not be permitted. International students are required to pay the following fees for the first year of their full-time post-secondary program. All fees are in Canadian funds. A minimum payment of one semester ($8,500) is required prior to the start of classes; however, students are encouraged to pay the entire academic year in one transfer.

A) International Student Fees*

Fees charged for full- and part-time credit programs are established by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and can be changed without advance notice. The fees indicated here are those in place for the 2021 – 2022 academic year.


Applicants who applied for a student visa may pay the following fees for regular full-time post-secondary programs (two semesters per year). Fees related to programs that are less than or greater than two semesters will be adjusted accordingly. Please note that a minimum payment equivalent to one semester is required prior to the start of classes. However, we encourage students to pay for the entire academic year in one transfer.


Year One** – Two Semesters

Year One** – Two Semesters
Winter Start)

Year One** – One Semester
(Spring Start)

Year Two – Two Semesters

Year Three – Two Semesters

Tuition $14,332.50 $14,332.50 $7,166.25 $13,786.50 $13,786.50
Full-Time Ancillary Fees $1,536 $1,517 $749 $1,536 $1,536
Health Insurance for one calendar year (mandatory) $600 $600 $600 $600 $600
Total $16,468.50 $16,449.50 $8,515.25 $15,922.50 $15,922.50

For a list of the many services, activities and items included within the ancillary fees, and the related policies, download the 2021 – 2022 Ancillary Fee Schedule for full-time students.

*Fees are subject to change.
**Please note: Once finalized, tuition and ancillary fees for years two and three of a program will be reflected on a student’s myFees page in the myLoyalist portal.

No additional taxes.

The following programs require additional program supplies that will need to be purchased upon arrival:

  • Culinary
  • Child and Youth Care
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Esthetics and Spa Management
  • Fitness and Health Promotion
  • Radiation Safety

First-year students: All semester fees are payable no later than the deadline date listed on your invoice provided at the time of receiving an offer. 

Returning students: All semester fees for returning students are payable no later than the following dates except when otherwise advised by the Registrar’s Office:

  • Fall: August 1
  • Winter: December 1
  • Spring: April 1 

If a student does not pay their fees before the deadline stated above, a $250 late fee charge will be applied to their student account. 

B) Other Expenses:

Other fees are included below for consideration when securing loans.





$50 – $1,500/year

Requirements depend on program. Students will be able to purchase some required items at our on-campus bookstore.

Living Expenses:

$550 – $750/month

Consideration should be given to the cost of living for the duration of your program in addition to any breaks in the program (e.g. summer) if you are staying in Canada. Living expenses are approximate.

Budgeting for Loyalist College

This estimate is only a guideline and does not include any money for returning home or visiting other parts of Canada. This estimate will permit an adequate but far from luxurious standards of living. Your first month will be expensive because of settling-in costs such as paying an extra month’s rent as a damage deposit, purchasing warm clothing, textbooks and supplies.

C) Refund Policy:

Students who have been admitted to Loyalist College and who have received a Study Permit are expected to register and attend classes in the program to which they were admitted and complete the semester for which they have paid tuition.

However, the College recognizes that there are some unforeseen circumstances in which a student may be allowed to withdraw and leave Loyalist College and receive a refund of their tuition fees. International students who withdraw give up their admission and status as students at Loyalist College. Information about students who withdraw will be reported to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. A student who withdraws and who later wishes to return to Loyalist College must re-apply for admission.

The following outlines the refund policy at Loyalist College. Any inquiries should be directed to the International Centre at

Withdrawal and Refund Process:

Refunds must be initiated by Day 10 of the semester as indicated on the Academic Calendar.

No exceptions will be made for students who register or apply late.

After Day 10, health insurance policies will be released to the student. Any initiated refund after this date, the health insurance fee will not be included in the refund.

Fees must be refunded to the home country and cannot be refunded to other post-secondary institutions or directly to the student.

Students are responsible for notifying Canada Immigration of any DLI change.

Refunds take approximately six weeks from date of processing at the College for funds to arrive as requested. Funds may take longer depending on the activity at the College or depending on the country to which funds are returned.

If students receive a visa denial during the semester (January – April), the applicable charges will apply. If students receive the visa denial after the semester is completed, the refund will only apply to future semesters. Students cannot receive a refund for a completed semester.

Refunds are only provided for the current (active) semester and cannot be applied to a completed semester. 

To request a refund, submit the completed International Refund Application Form by completing the Refund Checklist.



Denied Study Permit Stage One or Two: After Day 10

Fees will be refunded and returned minus:

  • $250 administrative fee
  • $600 health insurance fees are non-refundable

Proof of valid visa refusal from Canada Immigration must be provided and verified along with supporting documents as requested.




Unable to Attend/Arrive in Canada/Withdrawal Within First 10 Days: Refers to any reason other than a visa denial such as:  transfer to a different college, return home, medical, financial, personal or family reasons etc.

Loyalist College has partnered with other Ontario colleges to not approve transfer requests for semester one.

Fees will be refunded and returned minus:

  • $2,650 administrative fee
  • $600 health insurance fees are non-refundable  
  • Additional program costs that are non-refundable. These vary by program (applicable for CULS/CULM/CYWP/ECEP/ELTP/ELTT/ESTH/FAHP/RSDS).*

A copy of the valid offer letter (LOA) from the new college and the student number must be provided. 

Student signature on CIC Notification Form is required.


Transfer Requests
Loyalist College has partnered with other Ontario colleges to not approve transfer requests for semester one. Requests to transfer to a partner school will be denied.

In order for the student to remain compliant with the Canadian High Commission guidelines for applicants, it is strongly recommended that all students complete a minimum of one semester at the college for which the Study Permit was issued. Failure to do so will result in the institution informing the Canadian High Commission of the breach as required of all Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) through a formalized reporting process. This information will be entered into the student database and will be accessible by all Canadian immigration officials across the country. This may negatively impact consideration for an extension of your Study Visa (if required) and the acquisition or length of a work permit upon graduation. 


Documentation Required
Approved transfer requests:

  • A copy of the valid offer letter (LOA) form the new college and the student number must be provided for our records.  It is the responsibility of the student to inform Canada Immigration of any changes.

Request for any other reason (return home, medical, financial, personal or family reasons etc.):

  • A written letter of explanation is required from the student.

International Refund – FAQ

Please review the following important information related to refund requests for international students at Loyalist College:

  • Refunds must be initiated by Day 10 of the semester as indicated on the Loyalist College Academic Calendar.
  • It is Loyalist College policy that all refunds MUST be returned to their country of origin via Flywire. Funds cannot be refunded to Canadian accounts/other post-secondary institutions.
  • After receiving a complete and accurate Refund Application, refunds take approximately six weeks at the College from date of processing for funds to arrive as requested. Funds may take longer depending on the activity at the College or dependant on the country funds are returned to. See below.
  • Loyalist College has entered into a partnership with other Ontario colleges to NOT approve transfer requests in semester one. Contact the International Centre regarding partner colleges.
  • Any outstanding balances owing on your account will also be deducted from your refund.
  • Providing incorrect information on a refund application will delay refund of fees.
  • Providing incorrect information on a refund application may result in additional bank charges that will be deducted from the refund in addition to outlined fees.
  • Notification is not provided when the refund process has been completed at the College. Students can check with their bank in their home country regarding receipt of funds.
  • Funds can only be returned directly to home country, not to a student living in Canada.
  • Be advised of the following foreign bank conditions:


India, Pakistan and some other countries in Asia and Africa

After processing at the College, the payment can be delayed significantly due to interbank settlement within destination country and/or currency exchange.

Brazil and Argentina

Beneficiary is required to sign for receipt of funds at their bank. If funds are not signed for in due time, the beneficiary bank may return the funds without further notification.

All destinations

Request remitter to ensure beneficiary is checking their account for credit less bank commissions, fees and converted amounts where foreign exchange is involved, or where currency of wire differs from currency of destination country.

  • Students whose enrolment is terminated by the College for any reason will not be entitled to any refund of any tuition, fees and charges.

How to Process a Refund

International Refund Checklist


Belleville Campus:
Toronto Campus:

Effective: August 27, 2021