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Student Leaders Celebrated at Loyalist College

March 19, 2009

A valued strength of the Loyalist community is the students who become involved as leaders. The roles are as varied as the time commitment each requires — providing the opportunity for students to become involved in campus life in a way which fits their strengths, interests and schedules. Peer tutors, student ambassadors, residence assistants, student government representatives, walk safe team members and campus recreation leaders are just a few of the roles they fulfill in addition to their full-time program studies. This month several of these students were recognized for the valuable contribution they make to student life at the Spring Awards reception and the Student Leadership Recognition luncheon.

Samantha Hobbs, a second-year student in the Social Service Worker program, was the recipient of a Student Leadership Award. Jennifer Vincent, Manager of Disability Services at the college, spoke of the contributions that Samantha makes to the college. “Samantha is very deserving of this award. She is a valued member of the Loyalist College Accessibility Planning Committee and actively volunteers on student panels for prospective students. Samantha has valuable insight and is a determined advocate for students with disabilities.” Samantha also received three other awards at the reception.

Fred Pollitt, Director of Student Life, commented on what a pleasure it was to work with this year’s student government. “They have accomplished so much this year — projects like the Pioneer Building café renovations and an exceptionally strong orientation program — and a commitment to providing live entertainment. They are full-time students, with many responsibilities of their own. What they give back to the college is amazing.”

“College is a once in a life time experience and I believe it’s important to get everything you can from it — be greedy, soak it all up,” said Erin Abraham, a third-year Business Administration student who has worked as a Student Ambassador and a Bioscience and Business Management Studies Leader on the college’s student government. “Whatever your passion is, get involved, it’s your time to shine. I have grown so much as a person in these roles and noticed a marked improvement in my relationship with my peers and my faculty.”

Kelly Reeves is a Residence Assistant and represents the residence on the Student Government. “I really wanted to become active at the college. I’m not an athlete so varsity sports was out. Then someone suggested the Student Government. It’s been a great way to meet people and get involved on campus.”

The college encourages students to become leaders, enabling them to influence and enrich the learning environment for others. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, including the college’s Student Government, click here.

Student Leaders Celebrated at Loyalist College

Maureen Piercy, President of Loyalist College, presented Samantha Hobbs, a second-year Social Service Worker student with a Student Leadership Award at the Spring Awards Reception.