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Varsity Athletes Recognized at Athletic Scholarship Luncheon

January 08, 2009

On January 8th Loyalist College recognized 26 students for their athletic, academic and leadership excellence. The students were presented with athletic scholarships at the annual athletic luncheon.

Varsity Athletes Recognized at Loyalist College Athletic Scholarship Luncheon

This year’s scholarship recipients are:

Women’s Volleyball:  Mandi Burma, Amy Hoskin, Alison Devlin, Joanne Laton, Rebecca Ramsay and Leanne Reedyk.

Men’s Volleyball:  Greg Gillespie, Matthew Groenveld and Mark Mullen.

Cross-country:  Josh Hill.

Women’s Soccer:  Elisa Congi, Kayla Hambley, Pam Inwood and Jocelyn Laviolette.

Women’s Basketball:  Brittany Denneny, Sara Maybee and Erin Rose.

Men’s Basketball:  Patrick Kalala and Trevor Mayer.

Men’s Rugby:  Sean McMurtry, Nicholas Imrie, Robert Thomas, Chad Baerwinkel, David White and Cory Martin.

Women’s Rugby:  Christine Richard.

Patrick Kalala is a first-year General Arts and Science student from Toronto. “It feels good to be recognized for something you work really hard at. The competition at the post-secondary level is much higher than I experienced in high school. This has challenged me and helped me improve my skills. I really like my coach and the move away from home has been easier for me because the people here have made me feel very welcome.”

“This scholarship makes me feel even more motivated, not just in volleyball but in my academics as well,” said Amy Hoskin, a Public Relations student. “I want to represent the College in the best way that I possibly can. This luncheon is great because we are able to share our excitement with each other. Varsity athletics has been such an important part of my life for the last three years. I can’t imagine college without it.”  

“This room is not just filled with athletes,” said Jim Buck, Assistant Athletic Director. “Each of you is also an ambassador of Loyalist College. Every time you put on your Loyalist uniform, or travel to another city, you represent the College. Your teamwork, focus, energy and commitment make you excellent leaders, not just in sports, but also amongst your peers, in the classroom and the workplace. We are here today to recognize the contributions you make to the Loyalist community both academically and athletically.”

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