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General Education Courses (GNED)

General education courses broaden students’ sense of self and contribute to the development of citizens who are conscious of the diversity, complexity and richness of the world in which they live. This type of knowledge helps students to contribute thoughtfully, creatively and positively to society. General education strengthens critical analysis, problem solving and communication in the exploration of broad personal and societal topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Learning options

Students in a diploma or advanced diploma program must successfully complete three General Education courses to qualify for graduation. Information on when GNED courses should be taken can be found on the program map in each program’s manual.

Additional fees may be charged to students who take General Education courses off cycle with their program map. Please see AOP 233 for further information.

General education courses are delivered in a classroom or online. Please consider the following when making your selections:

  • Online learning requires good time management, adherence to deadlines, minimal interaction with the instructor, and is suitable for those who enjoy independent study. 
  • For the most part, online learning allows you to study wherever and whenever you choose.
  • Traditional delivery in a classroom includes an independent study component, which requires good time management, adherence to deadlines, and minimal interaction with the instructor.
  • Both in-class and online courses will include a module to be completed on the Learning Management System
  • International students: Please select GNED courses offered through traditional, in-class delivery.



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