Tips for Crossing A Picket Line at Loyalist College

Loyalist College respects the right of unionized employees to withdraw their services and lawfully picket while on a legal strike. Loyalist’s top priority is to ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors when visiting our campus locations during a strike. 


Please consider the following tips when crossing:

  • Respect the picketers’ right to slow down both walking and driving traffic crossing the picket line.
  • Expect delays, especially if you are crossing the picket line in your car.
  • Walk or drive carefully through the picket line. 
  • Do not jeopardize your own personal safety to cross the picket line.
  • Be calm and courteous.
  • Do not take comments or events personally.
  • Avoid confrontation or provocation when crossing the picket line.
  • Do not try to rush or push through the line. 
  • If you are approached in your vehicle by a picketer who is not wearing a mask, and you do not feel comfortable rolling down your window, please ask them to put on a mask before doing so.
  • Don’t react, argue, or become provoked.
  • Recognize that stress levels are high for everyone.

If there are incidents on the picket line, call Security at 613-969-1913, extension 0 for assistance.

Notice to motorists:

The South Entrance and P1 parking lots will be closed except to those who qualify for special passes.