Teaching & Learning Resources

The Office of Teaching and Learning works with faculty to help them further develop their teaching skills and to build rich and engaging learning environments. If you are looking for ways reflect upon your current skills, to learn new techniques, or for ideas about active learning — we can help.

Below are some of the courses offered to our Faculty:

  • Course Overview, participant introductions, creating a climate for learning.
  • Loyalist’s Philosophy of teaching and learning, Loyalist’s mission statement, Loyalist’s strategic plan. Learning Centred Teaching vs. Content Delivery
  • Retention Strategy
  • Student Success Services
  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • Crisis Intervention
UDL Part 1

UDL Part 2

  • Evaluation Strategies
  • The Big Three
  • Active Learning

UDL Part 3

  • Course Design
  • Lesson Planning – Peer Review
  • Intro. to Teaching Squares