Academic Operational Policies

Procedure Number: AOP 237

Procedure Title: Student Learning Experience Survey

Supersedes Existing Procedure? Y

Procedure Owner: Senior Vice-President Academic 

Associated Policy: Y 

Date Last Approved by CET: February 17, 2021


Student feedback is an important aspect of Loyalist College’s quality assurance processes. It helps faculty reflect on the quality of their instruction, supports faculty development and evaluation, and it helps identify exceptional teaching practices. Student feedback is used in the continuous improvement of programs offered by the College. This procedure provides a framework for how student feedback is collected and shared to ensure meaningful and reliable results. 

2. Application

This procedure applies to all courses and programs that lead to an Ontario College credential that are offered by Loyalist College, including distance courses where appropriate.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

3.1 The survey administrator deploys the survey to all applicable courses.

3.2 Reports are automatically generated and electronically sent to the Senior Vice-President Academic, dean or designate and appropriate faculty member(s).

3.3 Faculty provides students with time during class to complete the survey and review their personal results for the purposes of informing professional development plans.

3.4 The Senior Vice-President Academic and deans or designate review survey results for the purposes of assisting faculty in the development of professional development plans.

3.5 Deans and chairs flag offensive and/or inappropriate language in survey results that does not contribute to constructive feedback to the survey administrator for removal of the offending language from individual’s reports.

3.6 The Academic Management Committee reviews the College approved standard survey content as needed to ensure currency, as well as any proposed alternative surveys and determines the time period for survey deployment each semester.

3.7 Senior Vice-President Academic approves changes to the College approved standard survey, and any proposed alternative surveys.

4. Survey Deployment

4. 1 The survey administrator works collaboratively with the Academic Management Committee to arrange a date and time for the survey(s) to be deployed over a period of at least two weeks during the last third of each semester.

4.2 Faculty provide students with class time to complete the survey during the period of time that the survey is available to maximize response rates for meaningful data analysis.

5. Survey Result Collection and Dissemination

5. 1 Survey responses are sent electronically to the Senior Vice-President Academic, deans or designate and faculty.

5.2 Deans or designate review survey results and may consult with faculty about the results and will use them as a component of the annual faculty development and evaluation process for full-time faculty, in accordance with AOP 203: Full-Time Faculty Development and Evaluation Process.

5.3 Faculty review their personal results for the purposes of informing professional development plans.

5.4 The Senior Vice-President Academic reviews institutional level survey results to identify trends in responses and identify areas for improvement.

6. Related Documents or Links

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7. References

Loyalist Research Ethics Board: