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Subject: Accommodation for Religious Observance Number:  AOP 200
Issued by: Vice-President Academic Date Issued:  October 2004
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Student Accommodation for Religious Observance Request

 September 2016

Accommodation for Religious Observance


Loyalist College is committed to respecting the religious beliefs and practices of all members of our learning community, and to make accommodation for religious observances as required. Every effort will be made to avoid academic scheduling in-class assignments, placement, co-op, clinical, tests or final examinations on days identified as significant religious events.


1. The schedule of dates for religious holidays will be compiled by the Registrar and inserted into the student calendar.

2. The list of religious days will be consistent with those in the Ontario Public Service religious holiday policy.

3. Faculty will inform students within the first two weeks of classes of the existence of this policy and the protocol surrounding the implementation of the policy.

4. Students requiring an accommodation for a religious holiday are required to notify the appropriate faculty member(s) using the approved form at least two (2) weeks prior to the required holiday (if appropriate). It is the student’s responsibility to contact the faculty member to arrange for accommodation for any academic or field work situation that conflicts with a day or period associated with the religious observances.

5. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the field work site supervisor at least two (2) weeks in advance (if appropriate) of their need for accommodation regarding religious observances.

6. For students, every effort will be made to avoid scheduling of in-class formal assessments on days of special religious significance to particular students throughout the academic year.