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Subject: Post-Secondary Admissions, Registration and Graduation Number:  AOP 225
Issued by: Vice-President Academic Date Issued:  March 2, 2016
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Post-Secondary Admissions, Registration and Graduation

1. Introduction and Purpose

The Post-Secondary Admissions, Registration and Graduation policy does not supersede or negate any rights or responsibilities provided by law, and does not seek to limit the rights or freedom of expression as provided by law; however, behaviour that interferes with Loyalist’s operations, a student’s ability to learn and successfully graduate, and/or the academic integrity of the institution, is unacceptable.

2. Application

This policy applies to all faculty, staff and all full-time and part-time (prospective, confirmed and registered) students of the College from the time of application to a course or program through to completion of the course or graduation from the program, where these activities or actions are a component of the relationship between the student and the institution. Non-credit general interest courses with open admission are not covered under this policy; those courses are covered in the specific course outlines for each course.

The information contained within this document applies to all students registered in any Loyalist course or any program offered by the College, in any location or in any format. At times, the individual circumstances of a particular campus or a particular program may require a minor variation in procedure. These will be communicated to students at the commencement of the program or particular course. Students taking individual courses must meet admission requirements in order to be awarded the credential.

3. Policy Statement

This policy defines the procedure related to the admissions, registration, and graduation processes at Loyalist College.

The information contained within this document is current at the time of publication. Where changes occur, Loyalist will endeavour to communicate these changes immediately to students and provide them with as much advance notice as possible. Information on recent changes can be obtained from Enrolment Services.

3.1 Course Population:

3.1.1 Post-Secondary Admission Admission Process

In order to give College applicants the greatest opportunity for success, their eligibility for admission to a program will be assessed and considered based on a range of factors including their academic history and credentials. Each Loyalist program has academic, language and status requirements that applicants must satisfy in order to be admitted to that program. Specific admission requirements may vary from program to program. Details of the program-specific academic or other requirements (volunteer, work experience, etc.) are referenced on the College website.

Since applicants may be ranked based on a range of academic factors, meeting the minimum requirements for admission in any one year does not guarantee acceptance into a Loyalist program the following year, as applicants are competing with others in the applicant pool for each admission term. Admission is competitive and will be based on the applicant’s overall qualifications and the availability of space in the program and in accordance with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ (MCU) policies.

3.1.2 Conditional Offers of Admission

In some cases, a student’s Offer Letter of Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will stipulate conditions that need to be satisfied in order for Loyalist to complete the offer of admission. Terms of the conditional offer of admission must be met prior to beginning studies at Loyalist. Failure to complete the conditional requirements will result in the offer being revoked by Enrolment Services.

3.2 Domestic Applicants Admission Requirements

Any applicant who attended secondary school in another province or country must provide documentation as proof of their credential’s academic equivalency to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

An individual requesting admission to a Loyalist program will fall into one of the following three applicant categories: Secondary School Graduate, Mature Student, or Transfer Student. In addition, please refer to the detailed admission requirements for each program on the College website to confirm program-specific academic and non-academic requirements.

Before applying as a Mature Student or Transfer Student, the applicant should contact Enrolment Services to discuss their specific requirements and the details of their application to confirm appropriate status.

Secondary School Graduate

Applicant has successfully completed:

  • An OSSD or equivalent
  • Has not previously attempted any post-secondary studies
  • A homeschooling candidate will be required to provide documentation demonstrating completion of an OSSD and will need to demonstrate academic achievement and desired academic skills by way of an assessment administered by the College.
Mature Student


  • Is at least 19 years of age on the first day of classes
  • Has not graduated from secondary school with the required Grade 12 credits
Transfer Student Applicant has previously attended a post-secondary institution. Applicants with previous education from private post-secondary institutions will be assessed on an individual basis.

Loyalist reserves the right to determine a minimum literacy and language proficiency level as a pre-requisite to any post-secondary program or course. Students must have proficiency as verified by IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. Students who are unable to meet an acceptable level of applicable verbal and written skills will be denied entry into the course/program until the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE have been completed at an acceptable level.

3.3 International Applicants Admission Requirements

Applicants applying from outside Canada, or internationally educated applicants, must review and adhere to admission requirements by country. The requirements and process can be found online.

International applicants must provide proof that they meet English language proficiency requirements. This can be demonstrated through various tests (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, MELAB). Transcripts, TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL and MELAB scorres must be original or attested copies. Refer to the English Language Proficiency Guidelines for more information and further acceptable tests and scores.

Additional program-specific requirements and a full listing of required texts and materials which are included in tuition costs can be found in the Loyalist College portal. Admission requirements are subject to change.

3.4 English Language Proficiency

If a student’s first language is not English, or if a student’s previous education has not been conducted in English, the student will be required to demonstrate acceptable proficiency in English by undertaking and submitting the results of one of a range of English language proficiency tests.

3.5 Recognition of Previous Learning and Life Experience

The applicant may apply to have Loyalist assess their previous post-secondary credentials and/or advanced standing in the program as detailed in AOP 224 Evaluation of Student Performance and AOP 221 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

3.6 Registration

A degree, diploma, or certificate program of study prescribes the number and types of courses required to complete the specific credential. Upon payment of the prescribed tuition and non-tuition related fees, a duly registered student is entitled to receive instruction as to the maximum number of courses/credits as set out in the official program of study for each semester of the program. Additional tuition feeds will be charged for each course beyond the established number of courses/credits for the prescribed semester should a student wish to:

a) Take one or more additional courses;

b) Repeat a course taken previously; or,

c) Be required to take foundation-level courses

Placement and practicum courses will be charged at 40%.

Note: When a student is over the course/credit limit for a semester, the student will be required to pay an additional fee. This requirement applies even if the student is repeating a course.

3.7 Full-time and Part-time Classifications

3.7.1 Full-time Student

A student is considered to be a full-time student if they are officially enrolled in at least 70% of the contact hours prescribed for the semester in the student’s current program. Students with documented accommodations and who are registered with the AccessAbility Centre are considered full-time students when they are registered in 40% of a full course load. A student wishing to exceed the normal course load must obtain program approval from the appropriate program coordinator and pay additional fees.

3.7.2 Part-time Student

A student who is registered in less than 70% of the contact hours prescribed for the program in the current semester will be considered to be a part-time student. Additionally, a student who registers in multiple post-secondary credit-level courses offered in the evening, weekend, or online, offered by Continuing Education, may be considered full-time if they are enrolled in 70% of a full-time course load in a given semester as specified in the program of study. Enrolment Services will identify the status and notify the student as to the adjustment.

3.8 Registration Procedures

All new and returning students must complete the registration process by the deadline date set for each term. Prior to the registration deadline, an invoice for fees will be forwarded to all students who are eligible to register. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that these are paid or that satisfactory arrangements are made for the payment of fees prior to the payment deadline.

3.8.1 Course Change (Adds)

A student must register (add) a course within the first 10 business days of the semester using the Course Add/Drop & Program Change form. All special cases requesting entrance to a later date must be approved by the Registrar in consultation with the relevant Dean. In special circumstances, a student may be permitted to carry one or two evening or online credit courses while taking a partial day program.

All course additions to a student’s timetable for a given term are to be completed by the end of the 10th day of classes from the beginning of the term as indicated in Loyalist’s Academic Schedule. The request for the addition of a course after the end of this period will be considered only in exceptional circumstances and will require the approval of the Registrar in consultation with the relevant Dean.

3.8.2 Course Change (Drops)

  • A course must be dropped within the first 10 business days of the semester using the Course Add/Drop & Program Change form with no record appearing on the student transcript.
  • Courses dropped after the first 10 business days of the semester but before the last date to withdraw as noted on Loyalist’s Academic Schedule will have the course recorded on their transcript with a “W” (withdrawn).
  • All courses remaining on a student’s record after the last date to withdraw as noted on Loyalist’s Academic Schedule will be graded and the mark will appear on the transcript.

Final approval for course and program changes are the responsibility of the Registrar.

3.8.3 Program Transfers – Fee Payers

When a student wishes to transfer to a different program, they must apply using the Course Add/Drop & Program Change form. Final approval for course and program changes are the responsibility of the Registrar. Where a student is sponsored by an external agency (e.g. Second Career, Workers’ Compensation Board, Community and Social Service, etc.) the proposed change must be supported by the sponsoring agency before the action to transfer is taken.

3.8.4 Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites and Anti-requisites

A student will not be permitted to enrol in a course for which they do not have the stated course pre-requisite(s) and/or co-requisite(s) and/or established equivalent(s).

The MTCU’s Binding Policy Directive: Framework for Programs of Instruction, requires that all Ontario College diploma and advanced diploma programs include discrete general education courses in their program of study. A student in a diploma or advanced diploma program must attain three general education credits. These credits can consist of courses have no pre- or co-requisites attached to them, but there may be elective courses in which outcomes align significantly with those offered in a required program of study. Courses are generally identified as anti-requisites when there is a very strong, documented overlap between the material studied in each course, and so there would be little educational value in registering in both courses. Anti-requisites should only be designated when the course would not be a broadening experience for the student.

3.8.5 Returning Students: Eligibility to Continue Studies

Returning students who complete the registration process are advised that such registration is conditional on their eligibility for continuation of study in the next term. A student who is required to withdraw for academic or other reasons may not attend classes and the student’s registration will be withdrawn.

3.8.6 Program Withdrawal

A registered student who has been attending classes who wishes to formally withdraw from the College must go to the Student Services Triage Desk for assistance with the process. Student Services will forward appropriate paperwork to Enrolment Services for processing.

Students who submit formal notification of withdrawal from a full-time program of instruction by the 10th business day of classes from the beginning of the term as indicated by Loyalist’s Academic Schedule, are entitled to a refund of tuition and ancillary fees.

Students who do not pay fees or make arrangements to pay fees will be automatically withdrawn from their program on the 10th business day of classes.

Non-attendance of class(es) doea not constitute official withdrawal from a course or program. Notifying the course faculty or program coordinator does not constitute official withdrawal from a course or program. Failure to officially withdraw from a course or program will result in a failing grade in the course(s) which could impact a student’s grade point average and academic standing.

3.9 Course/Program Fees and Refunds

Tuition and non-tuition fees for all programs are revised each year and are available from Enrolment Services. Fees paid for courses not taken in the term for which they were originally scheduled are not transferable and may not be applied to subsequent semester of study.

It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their account on the student information system and ensure that all fees are paid. Delinquent accounts will be put on hold; future registration and access to grades will be denied until payment is made.

3.9.1 Refunds Full-time Students

Domestic student who officially withdraw within 10 business days of program start-up will receive a full refund of fees, less a $150.00 administration fee, deferral fee(s) (if applicable) and additional program costs (if applicable). After this time, fees are non-refundable. Students who have paid for two or more semesters and withdraw after 10 business days of program start-up will receive a full refund of subsequent semesters paid in advance. Students must formally inform the College that they are withdrawing and complete required forms through their Student Success Mentor.

International students who have dropped courses or withdraw from the College within 10 business days of the beginning of a semester should refer to the international Student fee section of the College website.

Students who have dropped a number of courses by the stated deadline, and as a result become part-time in status, will qualify for a refund. Changing from full-time to part-time status may impact a student’s eligibility for financial assistance (OSAP).

Students who require courses in addition to a standard course load in subsequent semesters will be required to pay additional fees in any future semester where the student registers for courses in excess of a standard course load. Continuing Education/Part-time Studies

When a student drops a continuing education course, if they are eligible for a refund, Enrolment Services will process the refund less the administration fee of $20 per course, up to a maximum of $100. The request to drop the course must be made to Enrolment Services by a particular deadline in order to be eligible to receive a refund. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they know the dates associated with the specific course withdrawals.

In order to receive a refund, students must make the request to Enrolment Services in writing, by email, or on the phone by the specific deadline. Where payment was made by cash or cheque, refund will be issued via cheque and sent by mail.

3.10 Continuation of Study (Promotion and Progression)

Students must achieve and adhere to certain course and program criteria and requirements in order to progress and be promoted in their program of study.

3.10.1 Promotion and Progression Requirements (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Graduate Certificate Programs)

Promotion and progression requirements are based on the principle that students must achieve a cumulative program grade point average of 60% to be eligible to graduate. Continuation of full-time study within a program is permitted provided the standards of academic performance listed below are met. The minimum passing grade is 50% in each course unless otherwise noted in the course documentation.

Note: In addition to the above requirements, each academic program may have program-specific requirements for passing grades, progression, probation, and withdrawal. It is the student’s responsibility to review the academic requirements for their specific program, Also, completion deadlines are outlined in AOP 224.

3.10.2 Academic Standing

A student who has been required to withdraw for academic or misconduct reasons will not be considered for re-admission to a program in a related discipline for a period of two consecutive semesters/terms as per AOP 224.

3.10.3 Re-admission to Program of Study

Students whose studies have been considerably interrupted will be required to complete an internal application form (available on the student forms page of the College’s website) and submit to Enrolment Services who will advise of the re-admission decision in consultation with the relevant Dean. There are two categories of re-admission to a program of study: re-admission for interrupted students in good standing and re-admission for interrupted students required to withdraw.

Re-admission for Interrupted Students in Good Academic Standing

Students who let their registration in courses lapse but have successfully completed previous semesters and are in good standing include the following:

  • students who fail to register in consecutive terms; and,
  • students who fail to graduate within the period of time specified in AOP 224

Students whose studies have been interrupted but who remain in good academic standing must complete an internal application form and submit it to Enrolment Services who will advise of the re-admission decision in consultation with the relevant Dean. Applications for re-admission will be considered only if there is space in the program. Specific re-admission requirements may exist depending on the situation and program. A student who interrupts their studies and applies for re-admission is subject to the admission requirements, ranking priority, and curriculum requirements for the program in question at the time of application.

Students may be required to repeat courses if curriculum has changed since their previous registration in the program.

Re-admission for Interrupted Students Required to Withdraw

Students who have been required to withdraw for academic reasons include the following:

  • students who are suspended or withdrawn for academic failure; and,
  • students suspended or withdrawn for academic misconduct

Students who have been required to withdraw from their program must complete an internal application form and submit it to Enrolment Services who will advise of the re-admission decision in consultation with the relevant Dean. Applications for re-admission will be considered only if there is space in the program. A student who interrupts their studies and applies for re-admission is subject to the admission requirements, ranking priority, and curriculum requirements for the program in question at the time of application. Students may be required to repeat courses if the curriculum has changed since their previous registration in the program.

3.11 Grade Reports and Official Transcripts

3.11.1 Release of Grades

Enrolment Services will establish and post to the Academic Schedule final grade release dates that will indicate when grades will be available to students for review.

Midterm Grades

Students will receive a mid-term grade which, in conjunction with discussions with their faculty, is for the purpose of contributing feedback on academic performance and provide students with a realistic idea of their performance to date. Mid-term grades are not considered part of the official cumulative program grade point average and will not appear on a student’s official transcript.

Final Grades

At the end of each term/semester, or upon completion of a program of study, all students registered in courses with credit hours will receive a final grade reflective of their achievement of the course outcomes. Final grades are not official until released to the student by Enrolment Services. Enrolment Services will post final grades electronically through the MyLoyalist student portal.

3.11.2 Transcripts

Official transcripts provide a record of all courses attempted by a student. Enrolment Services will record the student’s final course grades on the student’s official transcript of a grade of ‘CC’ to represent a course that continues to the next semester. The CC grade will be replaced with a final grade at the end of the subsequent semester. Transcripts are available for students upon request through Enrolment Services. The official transcript details a student’s permanent academic record at Loyalist and will carry the Loyalist College seal and authorized signature. Students with outstanding fees or fines will be required to pay their fees and/or fines in full prior to the release of official transcripts of credentials.

3.11.3 Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes outstanding academic achievement and is awarded to graduating students from:

  • credit-level programs
  • (effective June 7, 2019) programs which include Loyalist-delivered apprenticeship level courses that have no subject failures within their program and an overall weighted average of 80%, and no breaches of academic integrity

3.12 Graduation and Convocation

The College will issue an appropriate graduate certificate, advanced diploma, diploma or certificate to a student who has satisfactorily met all requirements of a particular program with a grade point average of 60% or higher. The credential given and named on official documents will be the Ministry approved program name that the student entered into. Students with outstanding fees or fines will be required to pay their fees and/or fines in full prior to receiving their credential. Students with outstanding fees or fines may participate in the convocation ceremony but will not receive their credential until their outstanding balance is paid in full. Enrolment Services has sole authority to provide letters to students confirming completion of program requirements. Requests made to Enrolment Services by students for a letter confirming completion of program requirements will not be fulfilled if the student has outstanding fees or fines.

3.12.1 Graduation Requirements

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all the graduation requirements for the program from which they expect to graduate. Unless otherwise stated by program standards, to graduate from an Ontario College Certificate, Ontario College Diploma, Ontario College Advanced Diploma, or Ontario College Graduate Certificate program, students must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Students must have completed the program in the required timeline as per AOP 224. Failure to complete the program within the required timelines would require the student to apply for re-admission. Students would then have their courses evaluated for currency and would be subject to the program of study and graduation requirements in place at the time of re-admission.
  • Students must have a 60% weighted cumulative program grade point average.
  • Students must have taken a minimum of 25% of the program credits or courses (whichever is greater) at Loyalist College in order to satisfy residency requirements.
  • Students must not have acquired more than 75% of the program credits through PLAR.

Students who interrupt their full-time studies will be required to meet the re-admission and program requirements in effect at the time of their return to the College. Students who have interrupted their studies will not be eligible to graduate from a program that is no longer offered by the College.

Eligible students who do not attend convocation will have their credential mailed to them at their primary address on file.

3.12.2 Awarding Posthumous Credentials

A posthumous credential may be awarded to a student provided the following:

  • The student was enrolled in the final semester of their program.
  • The student demonstrated consistent progression towards achievement of learning outcomes.
  • The student’s financial account with the College is in good standing

Exceptions to the eligibility criteria may be made at the discretion of the Senior Vice-President, Academic in consultation with the Director of Enrolment Services.

The College does not automatically act to award a posthumous credential in the event of a student’s death. Request to award a credential posthumously may be initiated by a College faculty or staff member or by the deceased student’s family and, if the request is granted, will be coordinated by Enrolment Services.

  • Step 1: confirmation of eligibility per criteria above.
  • Step 2: confirmation of interest and desire on the part of the deceased student’s family to accept the credential and whether this would be done at convocation. The deceased student’s family includes the family member or significant other deemed responsible by the family, including the executor of the student’s estate, for advising on issues related to a possible posthumous award.

Deceased students who completed all the requirements for their credential will be considered for graduation in accordance with section 3.12.

3.13 Grading Systems

Grades will be reported in percentages or as a pass/fail as described AOP 224. A Pass in each course, unless otherwise stated in course documentation is 50%. Credit will only be earned for courses with passing grades.

3.14 Release of Academic Record

Grades are official on the day that they are released by Enrolment Services to the student. It is the responsibility of Enrolment Services to post the grades electronically and to record the grades on the student’s official transcript.

Grades for students in financial arrears will not be released until notification/authorization is received indicating that their account has been cleared to the satisfaction of Enrolment Services. To receive grades, students must have paid any outstanding balance in full.

All grades, failures, exemptions, and withdrawals shall be recorded and remain on record in the student’s file.

A student may be issued official copies of their transcript when they make a request in writing. An Official Transcript of Academic Record (or Certificate of Achievement which lists only courses passed and no GPA) bearing the College seal and signature of the Registrar may be released directly to another education institution, employment agency, or an employer or prospective employer, only on the written authority of the student/graduate.

Depending on the year of graduation, a fee may be charged for each transcript or certificate issued. See the College website for more information.

5. References