Loyalist Alumni Mentorship Program

The Loyalist Alumni Mentorship Program is a cross-disciplinary program linking current students and recent graduates of Loyalist College with alumni and industry professionals in the community to offer guidance when navigating their studies and the job market. This program includes on-campus engagement activities as well as an online platform for students and alumni to connect. Students and alumni can benefit from great opportunities to network with industry professionals, to develop new skills and opportunities and to gain new insights and perspectives. Create an online profile and start connecting today.

Our Mentor of the Month is Sarj Elawar. Sarj is a graduate of the Civil Engineering Technology program and the Construction Engineering Technician programs. Sarj uses his Loyalist training every day to teach others about structural drafting and CAD operations. Thank you for volunteering to mentor Loyalist students, Sarj!

To learn more about Sarj’s areas of expertise, or to become an alumni mentor, check out our mentorship web page.

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